Klaus Rauker accused of supplying party drugs to police informants

Klaus Rauker
Klaus Rauker

An Illawarra soccer player is tonight behind bars amid accusations he repeatedly sold party drugs to police informants.

Klaus Rauker, who was registered to play for the Balgownie Rangers at the start of the year, was arrested on Tuesday morning following a four-month investigation by Wollongong drug unit detectives under Strike Force Nunki.

Documents tendered to Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday afternoon during Rauker’s bail application said police allegedly discovered the 19-year-old’s involvement in supplying drugs in March and applied to have him covertly monitored.

Police will allege they secretly recorded Rauker supplying 11 capsules of brown power to a person known to police at the Harp Hotel in the early hours of March 17.

The substance, for which the person paid $220, was later seized by police and analysed. It was discovered to be ecstasy with a purity of 26.5 per cent.

That evening, Rauker allegedly carried out another deal, this time selling 10 capsules of MDMA and half a gram of cocaine for a combined $550 to a person at Carters Lane at Towradgi.

Police will allege they recorded two further deals between Rauker and their informants on April 5 and April 12 – the later involving $2,400 worth of MDMA.

It will be alleged in court Rauker supplied more than an ounce of ecstasy and 0.61 grams of cocaine in total between March 17 and April 12.

Rauker was charged with seven drug supply offences after turning himself in at Wollongong Police Station on Tuesday.

Police said the quantity of ecstasy Rauker is alleged to have supplied over the one month period “well exceeds” the indictable amount, meaning Rauker will likely face trial if he contests the charges.

In court, defence lawyer Stewart Holt said Rauker had a very limited criminal history and strong ties to the community that reduced his risk of flight.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Sean Thackray opposed bail, noting the case against Rauker appeared “overwhelmingly strong” given the surveillance carried out by police.

“He faces an inevitable, lengthy custodial sentence if he is convicted,” Sgt Thackray said.

In refusing bail, Magistrate Cate Follent found Rauker posed an unacceptable risk of committing further offences if released.


A previous version of this story named Klaus Rauker as a first grade player with the Balgownie Rangers. This information was supplied to the court by Mr Rauker’s lawyer, at his instructions.

The Mercury has since learned Rauker was briefly registered with the club’s junior team at the start of this year however failed to turn up or return phone calls, prompting the club to deregister him.