Wollongong has voted for what it would like on its own Criniti's Wollongong Pizza. Which is your favourite?

Almost here: Criniti's signage is now very prominant along Keira Street, Wollongong as the Criniti family prepares to open its eighth restaurant in July. Picture: Greg Ellis.
Almost here: Criniti's signage is now very prominant along Keira Street, Wollongong as the Criniti family prepares to open its eighth restaurant in July. Picture: Greg Ellis.

The Criniti’s signs are up and hundreds have applied for jobs and voted for what they would like on a Wollongong pizza.

There are two job open days set down for next Tuesday and Wednesday and the fit-out is well underway at the Criniti’s site in Keira Street just next to Kinn Thai.

Everything is coming together quickly now at the new Criniti family owned restaurant that is still on track to open in July.

Members of the family and senior staff will frequently visit in coming weeks.

Criniti's executive chef John McFadden. Video: Greg Ellis.

Among them is executive chef John McFadden who is preparing to roll out the same extensive menu at other Criniti’s restaurants with the addition of some local delights such as a Wollongong pizza.

Mr McFadden recently threw out a challenge to Illawarrians to vote for what they would like to see on that is now ready to look at the results of the survey to help him decide what the new local pizza should be.

Seafood including lobster and prawns was a popular ingredient suggested by many because of Wollongong’s seaside location. But a vegan pizza, mushrooms, jalapenos and olives all figured highly among the votes along with cheese.

“We want to support the local community and see what people would like to see on their favourite pizza. If it is deemed a fantastic pizza we would like to feature it on our menu,” he said.

“I like to think we are on the cusp of innovation and are fairly creative. The culture in Wollongong is quite diverse and that is what is so exciting about food. I have really been looking forward to see what the people of Wollongong have to offer. Contribution from the locals is paramount. We are expanding very rapidly and reaching out. It is great to be that diverse in business. What I do love is family connections and values which is adopted a lot in this business.”

“Myself and a couple of others who have been established in the business for quite some time will be among a small team of chefs who will come down to help integrate the menu and develop the teams in Wollongong. We want to make sure our service levels are where they need to be and our consistency is maintained.”

A selection of votes for the Wollongong Criniti’s Pizza

Which is your favourite?

  • Brie cheese and leeks
  • Fire roasted veg vegan pizza
  • Prawns, pinapple, garlic, hummus, camambert and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Crisp tomato base, lobster medallions, stuffed zucchini flowers, lemon grass, mozzarella and three cheeses
  • Prosciutto, bocconcini, pineapple and parmesan cheese
  • bocconcini
  • Cheese, bacon, egg, mince and pineapple
  • Mozzarella, chicken, mushroom and barbecue sauce
  • Buffalo mozzarella, olives, onion, tomato base and basil
  • Meatballs, capsicum, cheese, onion, bocconcini and mushroom
  • Fresh chilli, spinach, sweet potato, beans and vegetarian options
  • Gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto, walnuts, pear and rocket
  • Chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion, cheese and BBQ sauce
  • Mushrooms, chorizo, capsicum, ham, olives and chilli
  • Artichoke, hot pepperoni, pineapple, olives, feta and mushrooms
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Haloumi, sujuk, eggs and bacon
  • Olives, anchovies, caramalised onion and eggplant
  • Fresh crushed tomato, fior di latte, mushrooms, olives, basil and prosciutto
  • Prawn, lobster, mussels, octopus, salmon and garlic
  • Gluten free option
  • Hot sopresso salami, Danish feta, fire roasted capsicum, artichokes, Spanish onions and roasted garlic
  • Prawns, basil and feta
  • Pumpkin, feta, caramalised onion. chutney, spinach and pine nuts
  • Bocconcini, rocket. sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto and mushroom
  • Prosciutto, rocket, bocconcini, red sauce, parmasen
  • Quality salami and japelinos
  • It has to be seafood based to really be Wollongong, local prawns etc
  • Prawns, scallops, feta, onion, tomato and mushroom
  • Cheese, bacon, anchovies, tomato, ground beef and garlic
  • Prawn, bacon, onion, jalapenos, pineapples, mushrooms and cheese
  • Pepperoni, olives, onion and jalapenos
  • Cabanossi
  • Pulled port, apple and crackling dust
  • Pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, chilli flakes and mozzarella
  • Mozzarella cheese, garlic, pepperoni, onion, olives and artichokes
  • Thin crust, camembert, quince and parmesan
  • Locally sourced ingredients such as mushrooms from Bowral, coal to create a charcoal base, buffalo mozzarella locally produced
  • Parmesan and prosciutto
  • Pesta base for the escarpment, lake prawns. fresh goats cheese from Cupitts or a South Coast dairy, proscuitto from Oscars Warrawong and chilli oil from Flame Tree
  • Prosciutto, bocconcino, mozzarella, prawns, pesto
  • Tomato base, mozzarella, basil, prosciutto and mushrooms
  • Chorizo, haloumi, balsamic drizzle, chargrilled capsicum, cherry tomatoes and basil
  • Mushrooms, artichokes, cabanossi, onion, salami
  • UOW duck meat, salt from Gong beach, spicy sauce, capsicum and pineapple
  • Pesto sauce, artichoke hearts, chicken and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, artichokes and capsicum
  • Buffalo mozzarella, basil, tomato, mushrooms
  • Pepperoni
  • Prosciutto, rocket and bocconcini
  • Chicken, mushroom, shallots, avocado, aioli and bacon
  • Prawn, bacon, onion, red capsicum and chilli jam
  • Prawns
  • Chick, bacon, avocado, onion, capsicum and cheese
  • Chorizo, pepperoni, cheese, capsicum, bacon and chilli
  • Pepperoni, cheese, garlic, olives, capsicum, tomato
  • Ham and mushrooms
  • Thin crust, camembert, quince and parmesan
  • Bulgogi, sweet potato, Korean chilli paste
  • Vegan cheese option
  • BBQ sauce, onion, pinapple, BBQ chikcen and green capsicum
  • Camel, alpaca, guinea pig, rabbit, wallaby and chilli
  • Sour cream, garlic, onion, bacon, mixed herbs, cracked pepper
  • Lamb, olives, feta and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Calabrese, salami, coppa, rocket and bocconcini 
  • Cheese
  • Ham, mushroom, truffle and porcini
  • Salami, pancetta, capsicum, chilli, mushroom and anchovi
  • I say the classic pizzas are best. Criniti’s prides itself for being Italian and if they have to sell pizzas then it should have classic ingredients and no curry or other spices that have nothing to do with Italian pizzas
  • French fries, chicken, churizo, beef, capsicum, sun dried tomatoes. Call it the Benylisimo
  • Prosciutto, figs, buffalo mozzarella, caramelised onions and camembert
  • Salmon, sour cream, capers, basil with tomato sauce and thin base
  • Pulled pork, pineapple, jalapenos, red onion and ranch sauce
  • Sugo, cheese, prosciutto, shrimps and corn
  • Basil, mozzarella
  • Cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, pepperoni and onion
  • Prawns
  • Chorizo, prawns and chicken
  • Jalapeno
  • Mushroom, olives, onion, capsicum and fetta
  • Anything vegan
  • Halal bacon, cabanossi, sujuk, olives, mushrooms and olives
  • Hot pepperoni, red baby capsicum, mushrooms and jalapenos
  • Four cheeses, hot salami and kalamata olives
  • Tuna, prawns, red onion, rocket and cherry tomatoes
  • Peri peri
  • Pepperoni, capsicum, onion, garlic, egg and semi dried tomato
  • Anchovies and olives
  • Salami, ham, capsicum, artichoke, beef and pineapple
  • Buffalo mozzarella, basil, tomato, prosciutto and chilli
  • Prawns, feta, tomato base, capsium, Spanish onion and basil
  • Pepperoni
  • Spiced chicken, goast cheese, pomegranate, spinach, roasted pumpkin and pinenuts
  • Cheese, ham, pineapple, spinach and pepperoni
  • Fresh tomato, bocconcini, basil and rosemary
  • Truffles, mushroom, rocket, jamon and cheese
  • Olives, cheese, vegetables, chilli, onion and more cheese
  • Salami, mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, olives amd sun-dried tomato
  • Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese, provlone cheese, chorizo and chilli oil