Darko Janceski murder trial: Matthew Paul Wiggins found guilty

Left: Darko Janceski was killed in Berkeley. Right: Matthew Wiggins.
Left: Darko Janceski was killed in Berkeley. Right: Matthew Wiggins.

Matthew Paul Wiggins has been found guilty of fatally shooting Comancheros gang member Darko Janceski outside his parent's home in Berkeley six years ago.

The jury handed down the guilty verdict just before 3pm on Wednesday.

Wiggins was also found guilty of the assault of Mr Janceski’s father, Slobodan, who came to his son’s aid on the night he was killed.

Wiggins was accused of gunning down Mr Janceski, a known standover man for the Comancheros bikie gang, outside his parents’ Gannet Avenue home on the afternoon of April 14, 2012.

The court heard Wiggins rode a motorbike up to the house just after 5pm and fired seven shots in Janceski’s direction, three of which hit him, in retaliation for the disappearance and suspected death of an associate.

Janceski’s father, Slobodan,confronted the shooter outside the house with a metal garden stake, later telling police the man was a skilled fighter who ultimately got the better of him and escaped on the motorbike, however left the gun, his helmet and sunglasses behind.

It is alleged multiple different DNA strands were found on the helmet and sunglasses, however DNA matching that of Wiggins featured most prominently.

The Crown claimed Wiggins was a mixed martial arts specialist who held an official competitor’s licence.

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