Wollongong rider flung drugs, kept pedalling: police

File photo
File photo

A Wollongong man is accused of flinging a parcel of drugs from his still-moving bicycle as he made a desperate bolt from police. 

Police allege Laken Norton continued to ride northward on Phillips Avenue at West Wollongong about 12.30pm Tuesday, after he was spotted riding without a helmet and told to stop. 

Norton’s peddling increased to a “furious” pace after he turned onto Fisher Street, according to police documents considered at Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday, as Norton applied for bail. 

There, police allegedly saw the 25-year-old throw a package. 

The alleged chase ended when Norton collided with a rubbish bin and fell from his bike soon afterwards. 

Police allege he then refused to place his hands behind his back, instead placing them under his body in a bid to avoid arrest.

Officers delivered “two approved knee strikes to the waist area” to bring him under arrest, according to the police documents.  

Police allegedly found the abandoned package about 50 metres away. It allegedly contained three small bags of a crystal substance, the heaviest of them weighing 6.4 grams.  

Police also searched Norton’s bag and allegedly found a set of measuring scales and a ledger, which police will allege was used to keep records of drug-selling activity. 

Another small bag containing 0.31 grams of heroin was allegedly recovered from Norton’s inside pants pocket. 

The court heard Norton had a history of drug and property offences, violence and failing to appear at court. 

Magistrate Susan McGown noted the claims were “only allegations at this stage” but refused bail, citing the strong prosecution case. 

The matter returns to court August 15.