JetGo in debt up to $32m, thousands owed flight refunds

And the council knew nothing about it? The council needs to admit that they gambled ratepayers funds by not ceasing trading when JetGo exceeded trading terms. Who is responsible for letting the debt roll into $400,000 + of the public's purse? Who is taking the responsibility for that?


So due diligence was undertaken before Shellharbour council approved JetGo?


Such a shame. I loved flying with them.


How could Shellharbour council got it so wrong? JetGo took the local community money. People who worked hard to pay for fares. I received my flights as gifts that I will not receive. I feel terrible as my daughter brought me the air fare. Shellharbour council shame on you allowing this to happen. 


I hope these councillors are paying there own fares up and back from Brisbane because they should of looked into this JetGo more.


Good on you Shellharbour council, wonderful due diligence. You sure can pick them, how much of rate payers money have you wasted this time?


Great service shame about the operator.


The reason behind Warrawong Centrelink closure

What about people with disabilities or older people?


Who even needs to speak to a real person these days? Everything is online. Times have changed.


Just another assault on the local electorate for continually voting Labor. What will be next?