Letters to the editor July 10 2018

Reflections at Forest Grove Robert McCammon july 9
Reflections at Forest Grove Robert McCammon july 9


The number of idiots who think it is ok to drive a metre from the car in front at 80km/hr seems to be growing.

I have been tailgated in school zones when doing 40, in the left lane of Memorial Drive when doing 80 (the speed limit) and there is nobody in the right lane.

I have also seen idiots tailgating learners, which could lead to serious consequences.

So here is an open message to the idiots - the closer you get, the slower I go.

Police recently said they are targeting dangerous driving - tailgating idiots should be pretty high up the list.

Peter Butler, East Corrimal


What’s going on with this place?

Going to ban toy guns etc etc.

They are taking away from the kids some of their childhood by not being able to play cowboys and " injuns" because it might lead to a life of violence.

What a load of crud.

Next they will not be able to play with toy cars because it  could make them dangerous on the roads.

Wake up you people let the kids be kids.

Warren Fleming, Balgownie


We, the flooded residents of Bulli, who cant get one footpath or clearing of blocked watercourses or updating incompetent council infrastructure which flooded Bulli High School causing $2 million in damage are appalled at the sheer bastardry of these councillors.

Once again put the welfare of the students and staff at Bulli directly in the path of the next storm hitting the 400m high escarpment – no money for them sorry.

Hello? Just stumbled on $55 million for a new stadium at Beaton Park.

Cold comfort when the storm hits we will remember you councillors.

Ken McDougall, Bulli


In response to the letter by Doug Steley, `On The Other Foot’ (Illawarra Mercury, Friday July 6, 2018), please do not faint Mr Steley, but I agree with you.

This must surely be a first, for both of us.

Senator Leyonhjelm had no business abusing and/or publically scandalising Senator Hanson-Young regardless of what she said to him.

The Greens Senator is justified in calling for Leyonhjelm to withdraw his comments and apologise.

David Leyonhjelm's conduct in this matter is a very poor example of manhood.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


Business realise the benefits of solar power.

Solar energy is now reasonably well established as renewable energy and further research will improve its efficacy.

The community, customers, suppliers and employees have developed expectations of manufacturers.

Bluescope, a leading manufacturer in the Illawarra does not seem to have any obvious inclination to utilise solar power and be a leader in its use.

Peter Corkish, Wollongong


I agree with Adrian Devlin that there is no doubt Church hierarchy scandalously covered up child sex abuse by priests.   

While Devlin wishes that the presumption of innocence (Illawarra Mercury 7 July 2018) be given, to whom does he wish to apply this privilege?

To the children who were not believed or to all Catholic priests?  

Maybe in the spirit of the gospels, he expounds, this privilege needs to be applied to both groups.

Ben Morris, Wollongong