Letters to the editor July 12 2018

MAKING A SPLASH: Towradgi pool by Michael Hutton. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
MAKING A SPLASH: Towradgi pool by Michael Hutton. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


What a fiasco.

Westpac not having an operational branch in the Wollongong CBD on Monday  or Tuesday of this week.

I also noted that Paul Scully, member for Wollongong, his  office has been relocated to the Innovation Campus for an undetermined time.

What is happening in Wollongong CBD and how important are customers?

Charles Knowles, Wollongong


In adjunct to property developers wanting to create horizontal slums through increased housing density, on the premise of more affordable accommodation, we now have Kiama council taking the opposite view.

Long term occupiers in council caravan parks are now to be summarily disposed so council can construct holiday lodges they can charge out at more expensive rates.

Spurious arguments  from both developers and council to feed their own greed.

No wonder democracy is under siege in western civilisation.

Eric Davies, Keiraville


Residents of Wollongong's northern suburbs should be aware that Anglicare (formerly Anglican Retirement Villages) plans to build a nursing home, also up to 250 aged care units, and approx 60 private townhouses on the former Cooksons' site and heritage Turpentine Forest at Sandon Point.

This raises many issues including overcrowding on a known floodplain, but a large impact will be increased traffic.

Not only will hundreds of cars be using the site, but the ARV plans to build a north south access with a bridge over Tramway Creek - offset by the profit from private housing. 

Northern access will be via the Stocklands traffic lights at Thirroul, the southern end at Point Street Bulli. 

Taking this short cut would save time dodging several sets of traffic lights, down the rat run to the southern freeway.

However, heavy traffic already uses that route down Point Street to avoid lights. 

Without footpaths the street is dangerous for pedestrians, and $200,000 provided by Stocklands after a Court decision in 2001, for road safety improvements has not been implemented by Council.

The last Northern Traffic Study was about 17 years ago and as we know, traffic has doubled since then.

A truthful, comprehensive traffic study by road safety experts, not  a developer's choice of consultant, is owed to the community.  

On short notice, an information session is  being held at Thirroul Community Centre’s Excelsior Hall, 352-358 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, from 11am-2pm on Saturday. 

There is also a feedback form to send your comments. Please do. 

You can mail Anglicare at info@anglicare.org.au.

Jill Walker, Bulli



Unless the new trains are all eight car sets it will make no difference to the overcrowding during öff-peak" afternoon weekday services. In fact, there is no clear cut peak time any more with modern workplace practices. In fact, the number of available seats in the new cars will be less because of the 2x2 configuration. I also believe that the Illawarra line is already at capacity because it has not been upgraded substantially in modern times, so no extra services are possible. The south coast is growing grapidly and the NSW Transport people are asleep at the wheel.

_ John Young


His dad would be very proud of him and was probably just hanging on till everyone was safely rescued, may he rest in peace.

_ Ann