Sydney man refused bail over alleged baby formula theft from Figtree Woolworths

A Sydney man has faced court accused of stealing more than $3,000 worth of groceries, including tins of baby formula, from two Woolworths supermarkets before menacing a driver during a whirlwind three-day stay in the Illawarra.

Babac Nori, 34, appeared incensed after Magistrate Peter Thompson refused him bail in Wollongong Local Court on Friday afternoon, repeatedly asking why he needed to remain locked up.

Police had earlier expressed concerns Nori would not show up to court if granted bail, saying he had a lengthy criminal record in Victoria and no ties to the local area.

Court documents said CCTV cameras captured Nori and a female loading 33 tins of baby formula along with household items into a shopping trolley at Figtree Grove Woolworths on Tuesday afternoon before the woman allegedly purposefully fell over in order to draw attention to herself.

While staff were distracted, Nori allegedly wheeled the trolley load of goods out of the store without paying.

The total value of the goods taken was $1325.

It is alleged the pair attempted to do the same at Stockland Corrimal on Thursday, filling the trolley with $200 worth of goods, however abandoned the items when they were recognised by Woolworths staff, who were on the lookout after the Figtree incident.

Meantime, police will allege Nori got into a dispute with another driver on the Princess Highway later that same day over a discarded cigarette.

It is alleged the victims confronted Nori’s female accomplice when they saw her throw a lit cigarette out the window at the 7-Eleven service station.

Nori allegedly followed the victim’s vehicle through several local roads before using his Mazda CX7 to ram the man’s Holden Rodeo ute.

The incident caused extensive damage to the cars.

The victim again confronted Nori however he and the woman allegedly verbally abused the man before driving off.

Nori was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning after police found him asleep in the vehicle, along with several items they will allege were stolen goods.

In court on Friday, defence lawyer Tim McKenzie said Nori would agree to abide by any conditions imposed by the court however Magistrate Thompson said Nori’s “brazen conduct”, as alleged by police, showed an unwillingness to obey the law.

The case returns to court on Tuesday.