Incredible photo captures surfers’ close encounter with whales at Kurnell

It’s a sight that would make even the bravest surfer tremble just a little in their wet suit.

But a couple of curious whales made for a spectacular snapshot at Kurnell on the weekend, when the majestic creatures neared cautious surfers waiting for a wave.

They splashed along the coastline at the reefs not far from the whale watching platform at Cape Solander.

Picture: Cronulla-National Surfing Reserve/Facebook

Picture: Cronulla-National Surfing Reserve/Facebook

It’s peak time for whale season, and quite common to see whales pass through so close to shore.

Breathtaking footage of a whale playing with a paddle-boarder on the South Coast emerged last week, while a baby humpback whale had to be euthanised after it beached itself at Puckeys beach earlier in the month.