Letters to the editor August 7 2018

Sunrise: From the Continental Pool, Wollongong, taken on August 1 by Hans Haverkamp.
Sunrise: From the Continental Pool, Wollongong, taken on August 1 by Hans Haverkamp.


It is somewhat disheartening to have the Postman hand you the latest rate notice from Wollongong City Council, and then read that yet another $9 million is to be spent on even more facilities for casual tourists visiting Wollongong.

This property has been paying rates for over 30 years  and I do not have the comparative luxury of being able to stand on a footpath.

I cannot safely cross my street to the shops, and I cannot remember a City Councillor ever putting foot in my street even though I pay them a fortune to represent me.

Wollongong City Council is a dent short of a social wreck and its hard to believe that such a useless government department is allowed to exist.

Ali Baba could only lay claim to 40 thieves.

Ratepayers have inherited a system legally run by many more.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


It was with great interest reading about the overdue restoration of North Wollongong Surf Club.

That will cap off a seemingly successful transformation of the beautiful waterfront in this area but, yet again, a complete lack of foresight given to parking.

It all seems very silly to promote an area which will in turn attract more patrons when you can't offer any improvements in car parking.

Transforming the current and already inadequate car park across the way into a multi story car park would make more sense.

Nearby streets and Flagstaff Hill are at a saturation point now and its not even summer.

It's yet another example of council's ongoing disinterest in providing adequate car parking options

Robert Lammers, Keiraville


It is unbelievable that these poor farmers are surviving, just, on such a pitiful amount of money for the product they produce.

The supermarkets need to up the price on the so called "cheap milk" and give the extra to the farmers.

People will pay more but only if the supermarkets charge more.  

I can't understand why people think that paying $1 for a litre for this precious commodity is a good thing.

The farmers don't want hand outs they just need a decent price for the product they produce.  

Narelle Priest, Balgownie


We as families who have cared to donate to struggling farmers wonder why would government tax this money? Wouldn't  it help fill the coffers more?

And, as suggested,  councils should forgo land rates.  I mean the produce eaten by politicians is prepared by Australian and local farmers. We’re glad to see Government  put a donation towards this charity.

Steve Richardson, Avondale

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