Letters to the editor August 9 2018

ON A HIGH: Clouds over the mile by Reg Wilding.

ON A HIGH: Clouds over the mile by Reg Wilding.


While some of us enjoy the opening of the steel enterprise agreement negotiations, many in the community  would rather it pass without notice.

For 12 months of the year the steelworkers work together with their supervisors and produce widgets (steel).

Along comes enterprise negotiation season and we are confronted with the beginning of the theatrics.

We have a rise in workplace tensions with the arrival of BlueScope senior management and the gathering of senior union officials.

This seems to be a common factor in the history of negotiations both wanting to win the ' hearts and minds' of the steelworkers.

It is clear, that in recent years, BlueScope  wanted that role at the expense of the unions.

Despite the hurly burly of the various negotiations and the conflict, the steel industry has improved dramatically and award and agreement discussions have recognised this.

Just take, for example, safety.

Both parties have worked to substantially improve this.

BlueScope needs to share the 'hearts and minds', steelworkers and the unions have recently played a big role in the industry's current success

Peter Corkish, Wollongong


Years ago when we had drought conditions they use to 'seed' the rain clouds and get the maximum amount of  water possible, either by aircraft or rockets. Why can't that be done now?

Also why not deepen the existing dams so they will hold more water, plus build new ones as the population is increasing and also pipe water from up north where they get heavier falls of rain to the farming areas.

Could a $5  dollar lottery also be started to fund the pipelines  and dams, we did to raise money for the Opera House

Frank Miller Shellharbour


Just thinking as to whether the white  elephant water desalination plant at Kurnall has ever been operational.

With our poor farmers suffering from the lack of feed for their livestock, and local dams getting to low levels, I'm wondering if this desalination plant could provide a solution.

Or has it just rusted away?

Max Boys, Kiama


For Christ’s sake Gareth Widdop, tell your darling wife you love her, but the experiment with your recently bleached hirsute has been a major faux pas.

Indeed, since the application of the bleaching we haven’t won a game.

Moreover, the ‘greyish’ look is starting to rub off on your teammates, who are playing like folks drafted from an aged home.

For God’s sake give the hirsute experiment the flick and return to the colour your loving parents presented you with.

D J Preece, North Wollongong

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