Torr Devine handed good behaviour bond over substance-induced outburst on Albion Park train

A Shoalhaven Heads truck driver has blamed a cocktail of alcohol and anti-smoking medication for a violent outburst on a midnight train at Albion Park.

Torr Devine told police he had no recollection of the August 4, 2017 incident in which he was forcibly removed from the train by a group of men after repeatedly harassing and abusing other passengers.

Fortunately, Devine’s initial confrontation with one of the men was caught on CCTV footage before the same man used his mobile phone to record Devine’s antics once he got off the train.

Mobile phone footage of Torr Devine recorded at Albion Park Railway Station

In the video, played in Wollongong Local Court on Monday, Devine can be heard swearing and yelling at the group of men while he is seen throwing punches in the air.

The display lasts for less than 10 seconds before police arrive and take hold of him.

Apparently defeated, Devine can then be heard saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Court documents said Devine had been abusing passengers on the southbound train through multiple stops before approaching the soon-to-be videographer and said “what the f—k are you looking at” while throwing punches in the air.  

The man pushed Devine out of the train once it came to a halt at Oak Flats, prompting Devine to grab hold of the man’s scarf to steady himself. The men got into two altercations between Oak Flats and Albion Park, where Devine was eventually removed from the train altogether by the man and other witnesses.

Devine was arrested and charged with affray, to which which he pleaded guilty in court on Monday.

Devine’s lawyer tendered a letter from his doctor saying the anti-smoking medication he’d been taking at the time listed increased aggression as a potential side effect.

Magistrate Mark Douglass placed Devine on a 12-month good behaviour bond.