Klaus Rauker pleads guilty to ongoing drug supply after undercover police operation in Wollongong CBD

Klaus Rauker
Klaus Rauker

Klaus Rauker may have been new to the world of drug dealing but he certainly had the customer service bit down pat.

“I can get you anything, like whatever you want,” he boasted to his buyers during a meeting in the carpark of Wollongong’s Stuart Park on a sunny afternoon in April.

“I can get it in grams if you want it in grams, or a cap or whatever. I can get it straight away for you bro.”

Eager to please his new customers and apparently looking to secure some return business, Klaus went on to tell the buyers his drugs were coming directly from Sydney and his supply was constant enough he could get about an ounce (28 grams) a day without question.

But he was also conscious of security and discretion: he told one buyer not to message him about the drugs and on another occasion refused to deal to “friends of friends”, asking that any orders come through the one contact.

But his concern for caution was too little too late – by that stage his dealing was already firmly in the sights of law enforcements officials and, unbeknownst to him, his buyers were in fact working undercover for police.

Court documents reveal detectives deployed two undercover operatives in the Wollongong CBD on the evening of March 16 this year.

The pair ended up at the Harp Hotel, where they asked a male inside about “getting on” and were subsequently introduced to Rauker.

That night Rauker supplied the pair with 1.03 grams of ecstasy for $220.

The undercover operatives contacted Rauker again the next day, asking for “the same as last night, plus anything else”.

They met Rauker a short time later in the Wollongong CBD where he supplied them with $550 worth of cocaine and ecstasy.

Further deals took place in Stuart Park and on Crown Street in early April – the later of which involved an ounce of ecstasy at a price of $2,400.

The court heard police seized the drugs after each of the deals and had them analysed to confirm their authenticity and purity.

Rauker was arrested in May, charged with multiple drugs supply offences and refused bail in Wollongong Local Court.

He pleaded guilty to ongoing drug supply on Wednesday in exchange for prosecutors dropping the individual supply charges.

He will face Wollongong District Court for sentencing next month.