Illawarra Assistants Network impresses at national conference in Canberra

Founders from the Illawarra Assistant Network enjoyed a positive reception in Canberra this month after being invitied to speak at the third annual Executive Assistant Congress in Canberra. 

Shortly before their first birthday meeting at Smartspace at the Wollongong Innovation Campus Laura Price and Danica Vujic accepted an from the congress organisers.

They were looking for a group that had started for executive assistant and wanted the to present on how to go about setting one up.

Mrs Price and Ms Vujic, of Peoplecare, did not disappoint.

They spoke about networking as an essential skill and the benefits that flow for EA’s and admin professionals.

“It went really well,” Mrs Price said.

The two Wollongong EA’s spoke on the afternoon of the first day of the two day conference.

A highlight for them was meeting and listening to Ita Buttrose spoke about building a personal brand.

The Illawarra Assistants Network was launched in July 2017 and has since hosted eight networking events.

Their topics were:

  • Finding and connecting with the right people to build personal and professional success.
  • Facing and overcoming the fear of networking.
  • Recognising networking opportunities
  • Techniques and tips to develop networking skills.
  • Networking using social media.
  • Creating your own core network.