Letters to the editor August 27 2018

Swans feeding at sunset taken on August 20 at Primbee by Hans Haverkamp.
Swans feeding at sunset taken on August 20 at Primbee by Hans Haverkamp.


On August 13, Wollongong City Councillors voted unanimously in favour of a motion supporting the expansion of the Community Sponsorship Program for refugees.  

Wollongong is already a Refugee Welcome Zone and this motion reaffirmed the area’s concern for the wellbeing of refugees – people who are fleeing war and persecution around the world.

Australia currently has a community sponsorship program in which individuals, communities or businesses pay the resettlement costs that would normally be paid by government.

However, it is an expensive process.

In Canada, the process is much cheaper and less complex and that country’s program has worked well over many decades.

Sixteen councils have now called for an expansion of the program and it is hoped that the Federal Government will respond by improving the program and allowing more refugees to seek asylum in this country.

Bronwyn Bryceson, Mangerton, Amnesty International Wollongong Group


In reply to the letter by D J Preece "Shame on the Nation Turning Left" (Illawarra Mercury, Monday August 20, 2018),  I appreciate the legitimate concerns of Mr Preece.

While it is a shame the nation has gone  to the left in politics and the media, it is certainly no surprise.

The lefts strategy to gradually implement "Cultural Marxism" into our education system has been a perfect operation achieved over many decades.

The universities were first to be targetted because students brainwashed in social-atheism will then get into the workforce and promote the agenda.

But, what about the attacks on the family, undermining and changing the definition of marriage, harming children with gender fluidity programs and drag queen story hour.

The lefts agenda to re-make our culture, in social and family life while pushing political correctness and atheism will prove disastrous for Australia and our people.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


The benefits that Wollongong industry derive from having BlueScope to draw renewable energy from South Australia and the Forrester empire planning to deliver natural gas to Port Kembla by ship.

How different this nation would be if our  electorate’s Rex Connor’s future was not destroyed when he planned to build a national gas pipeline network.

Ron Tindal, Fairy Meadow


A happy shaggy dog song in response to the outcome of Boofy Reurich's court case (Illawarra Mercury 21/8/18):

One man and his dog

went to drink at their RSL,

but they weren't allowed to enter there

on account of the doggy smell.

One man and his dog

subsequently went to court,

disgruntled with the club's decision -

it was justice that they sought.

One man and his dog

then received a hefty sum,

which will buy them loads of dog shampoo -

so the dog will no longer hum.

Mike Morphett, Thirroul