New Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a dead man walking

As much as it was a vote for the leadership of the Federal Government of Australia, it might as well have been a vote for the next opposition leader of the country.

On Thursday, bemusing about the situation which had fallen upon him, Malcolm Turnbull somewhat solemnly noted this whole leadership battle had all come at a time when the Liberal Party was neck and neck with the Labor in the polls.

It was a point not lost in the flurry and fury of the week.

Yet, somehow the Coalition Government still managed to hit the red button marked “Self Destruct”.

It just simply imploded as factional fighting and bitterness finally bubbled to the surface and burst like a three-day-old blister. 

The result? It left the lot of them tarnished and tainted.

Meanwhile, there stood Bill Shorten.

Mr Shorten just stood still and became the Steven Bradbury of Australian politics. 

All he has to do now is stay upright and he will become the 31st Prime Minister of Australian from a very short-lived 30th Prime Minister.

The Australian public has shown a complete distaste for navel-gazing internal politics and an even greater distaste for government’s that eat their own. 

Clearly the Liberals have learned nothing from sitting back and watching the damage caused to the Labor Party by the Rudd-Gillard years.

New Deputy Liberal Leader Josh Frydenberg and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

New Deputy Liberal Leader Josh Frydenberg and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Top that with the fact ballot boxes around the country have shown a disinterest for the far right of the Liberal Party even while it continues to wield a large level of power within the party ranks.

Even the bookies are writing the Coalition off, having Labor at $1.20 in what is effectively a two-horse race to form the next government.

He may be the new leader of the Liberal Party and the new Prime Minister but there is something looming large in the shadows that will haunt Scott Morrison as a legacy of this week’s shenanigans.

It’s the shadow of death lingering and lurking. Alas, Scott Morrison is a dead man walking.