Corrimal man refused bail over knife-wielding ‘mini siege’

A man accused of brandishing knives during an aggressive, alcohol-fuelled stand-off with police at Corrimal on Thursday afternoon has been identified in court as 34-year-old Timothy Boxall.

Officers were called to the Bon Accord Street premises at 3.45pm to carry out a welfare check but discovered nothing out of the ordinary, prompting them to leave the location a short time later.

However, just minutes after leaving, police were urgently called back to the house, with one caller telling them “all hell has broken loose” and that a female at the house was covered in blood.

Officers arrived to discover Boxall inside the house, allegedly armed with a knife.

When police tried to coax him outside, he allegedly told them to “f—k off” and refused request to put the knife down.

“The accused was highly agitated and screaming obscenities at police,” court documents said.

Officers again attempted to enter the house, however Boxall allegedly tried to close the door on them, then when that didn’t work, started kicking at it before eventually ripping it from its hinges.

Police immediately saw that Boxall was armed with a knife, causing them to step back from the front door and draw their Tasers.

It is alleged Boxall continued to ignore requests to put the knife down. He was subsequently hit with the Taser, with the probes hitting his chest and stomach.

Boxall retreated inside the house, probes still attached and groaning as he went.

He then continued to scream at police, who by now had taken up a negotiating position away from the front door.

It is alleged during the 20-minute stand-off, Boxall threw one of his knives towards the officers before returnnig inside the arm himself with more.

He eventually surrendered peacefully.

Meantime, the female at the house was seen to have a bloody face but refused to give police a statement of allow them to photograph her injuries.

It is also alleged Boxall spat at one of the officers while in custody. He was charged with assault, intimidation and property damage offences.

Boxall applied for bail in Wollongong Local Court on Friday, with his lawyer saying he had no prior domestic violence offences on his record.

The lawyer said Boxall had full time work to go to and would agree to any conditions imposed by the court.

However, Magistrate Michael Stoddart refused to release Boxall, noting he had previous matters involving alcohol abuse on his record and was currently on a suspended prison sentence for his second drink-drive.

The case will return to court at a later date.