Albion Park father and daughter Jamie and Tegan Damoiseaux admit role in wild neighbourhood brawl

A father and daughter have admitted their involvement in a violent neighbourhood brawl at Albion Park which saw everyday household items including hockey sticks, chairs, brooms and a mahcete were used as makeshift weapons.

Jamie Damoiseaux, 53, and Tegan Damoiseaux, 23, each pleaded guilty to affray in Wollongong Local Court last week, avoiding a scheduled, full day joint-hearing.

Police facts tendered to the court said the December 28, 2017 incident was captured on high-quality CCTV cameras and clearly showed the Damoiseauxs in action during the melee.

The footage shows Tegan and another man exit a single-storey unit at the housing complex about 7.26pm and begin shouting across the shared driveway in the direction of another unit.

The man then drops his pants and flashes his backside towards the unit.

Meantime, Jamie appears, initially attempting to coax the third man back into the house, however the man ignores Jamie, takes a broom from Tegan and throws it towards the unit opposite them.

A few minutes later, the man jumps a boundary fence and enters the yard of the other home, picking up a nearby bushbike. A woman follows him and takes the bike from him in an apparent attempt to diffuse the situation. She also retrieves the broom.

However, Tegan picks up the broom and throws it again a short time later, prompting a male to come out of the opposing unit.

Both groups begin yelling at each other before Jamie uses a hockey stick to hit his neighbour on the head.

Police said the footage shows the violence continue between the opposing groups, with others joining in the melee.

“All parties...commence throwing items at each other and striking each other with sticks, chairs and knives,” the police facts read.

“At some time during the melee a machete is produced and swung by [Jamie] Damoiseaux.”

The court heard the brawl had finished and the parties had retreated into their respective homes by the time police arrived, however officers seized several items from the scene including the hockey sticks and machete.

In court last week, Magistrate Peter Thompson ordered a background report for both father and daughter ahead of their sentencing on October 2.