Letters to the editor August 30 2018


BEAUTIFUL: Wollongong and suburbs at night from Bulli Tops on August 25 by Hans Haverkamp.

BEAUTIFUL: Wollongong and suburbs at night from Bulli Tops on August 25 by Hans Haverkamp.

What a disaster appointing Angus Taylor as energy minister. 

He's an anti-wind power campaigner.

Even though renewable energy systems are now cheaper to build than coal or gas fired power stations Taylor has an unhealthy obsession with fossil fuels.

When NSW is in the terrible grip of a drought, surely we need an energy minister that will take urgent action for cheap, clean energy.

Cath Blakey, Wollongong


Imagine foreign countries providing free of charge to the Australian people an unlimited number of extremely valuable items that the foreign governments have developed over many years at great cost to there own tax-payers.

How good would this be?

This describes in fact the vast bulk of Australia's migrant intake.

These immigrants have had vast amounts of tax-payers' funds invested in their health, education and training during their formative years, from which we then benefit.

Any cost/benefit analysis of our migrant program is very much in Australia's favour.

For some strange reason  our right wing anti-immigration lobby is looking these valuable gift horses in their proverbial mouths.

Do I detect some racism here?

John Martin, Woonona


Heartiest congratulations to Lydian Singers of Shoalhaven with conductor Lesley Challender for their superb concert, "Measure for Measure" - songs of Shakespeare on August 26 at Nowra School of Arts.

Nearly twenty settings  of the Bard were integrated with passages from A Midsummer Night Dream with Puck and Oberon adding warmth and humour.

This fine choir performed beautifully and demonstrated that Shakespeare is just as relevant as he was 400 years ago.

Rod Watson, East Brighton


So according to our resident moralist Adrian Devlin, Atheism and cultural shifts will destroy Australia.

So should we use his thinly veiled, but always failing, religious dogma?

Such as praying to his mythical god that murdered almost everything on the planet and then asked some humans to kill their children for him to satisfy his ego.

Or perhaps the family values of Catholicism protecting its thousands of paedophile priests.  And as for his fear of drag queens perhaps he could explain why priests wear frocks?

Or the $4 billion dollars the Catholic church has spent on sex abuse cases in the US.

Meanwhile religion has caused the slaughter of millions who would not toe the line. That's real culture.

Atheism is just another word for the truth, something foreign to religion.

Present some facts Adrian not religious gobbledygook or are you still believing an illiterate seven year old spoke to the non existent virgin Mary as you told us all?

Max Perram, Wollongong

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