Letters to the editor August 31 2018

Sea Cliff Bridge by Dean Charlton.
Sea Cliff Bridge by Dean Charlton.


Thankfully, it finally looks like we’re going to see less and less of Malcolm Turnbull and his own little world – a world of narcissism, hypocrisy, and treachery.  

The only tradition or convention he respected were those he set or amended for his own purpose.

He was a Labor politician in Liberal clothing.  

History records his first choice was to be a Labor politician.   

Once in office pretending to be a Liberal he set about trying to turn the Liberal Party into a more superior left organisation than even Labor and the Greens.

But, when he went too far he was removed and the manner of his removal was no different than that of Rudd, Gillard, or Abbott.

Turnbull’s reaction was a clear indication of his hypocrisy, disloyalty, and immaturity.

He did everything he could to destroy the Coalition simply because it no longer wanted to play the same game he did.

It seems now, partly because of the temporary disruption in the conservative ranks, most Australians want to see the last of conservative politics in this country.  

However, I am very sure that after a term or two of a Federal Labor government, controlled by the most extreme elements in the trade union movement, many of these will be crying out for the return of conservatism.

Richard Burnett, Wollongong


In  relation to recent commentary on petrol prices in the Illawarra region, I'd like to state what is probably the glaringly obvious to your readers.

For some months, at least, there has been an inexplicable gyration in prices, particularly north of Windang, usually on a weekly basis, between $1.35/litre to $1.55/litre.

The variation is precisely coordinated, although Woolies and Coles stations are sometimes a little slow to respond.

South of Windang,for the last month or so, as far as i can tell, petrol prices have been steady below $1.40.

It makes shopping south of the border more attractive.

Peter Clarke, Sussex Inlet


Mr Dutton now says he granted French Au Pairs visas on “Humanitarian Grounds”.

Am I allowed to ask what kind of imprisonment, torture or death did they face if they were not granted these visas?

He has sent so many people back to face prison torture and death in the past, what was so special about these 3 young women?

Were they perhaps white with blonde hair and blue eyes?

Doug Steley, Heyfield


Residents of Dapto are not surprised that they will have no access to the planned by-pass.

We are still waiting for the completion of the interchanges at Kanahooka Road and Fowler's Road.

Anne Powter, Dapto

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