Letters to the editor September 1 2018

Storm clouds over Wollongong harbour  taken on August 25 by Hans Haverkamp
Storm clouds over Wollongong harbour taken on August 25 by Hans Haverkamp


Here we go again.

The government is owned again by another faction installing their narrow selfish corrupt agenda.

It will be repeated ad nauseam while power is in the hands of the hands of the factions not the people.

An agenda that is based not on science and observable facts but on corporate greed.

The factions have given us a prime minister who denies climate change, denies coal is dirty and is opposed to same-sex marriage.

He is an evangelical Christian who will no doubt ask his god to bless his agenda.

It certainly will not be blessed by the electorate who will have their say at the next election

Reg Wilding, Wollongong


It is ironic that on page 12 of the Mercury next to the letters page is an article stating a Malaysian Muslim court has postponed the caning of two women for lesbian sex.

Doug here is your answer Muslims are 500 years out of date the world has moved on.

Just as Hitler believed in the superior race so too is the Muslim belief in one superior god which means all other imaginary god believers are inferior infidels.

We all know what the final solution is for them.

Every atrocity carried out by followers of the Muslim cult puts another nail in the coffin of this archaic belief system.

Ken Mc Dougall, Bulli


To Gladys Berejiklian,

The NSW Rail system is in crisis with ever increasing delays due to under decisions made by you and your Government, on rail infrastructure.

Ever increasing delays due to under spending on Rail infrastructure, you have an ageing Rail Network with delays increasing by 30 per cent in the last five years.

Spending on thoughtless projects in your electorate  –  billion dollar on stadiums and countless back flips on other stuff-ups to save your seat.

You have been subjected to countless apologies by Train's boss Howard Collins - recruited from the London underground rail system, time after time denying that the new timetable is a contributing factor in the delays to commuters, the people that elected your Government.

Wake up as to what is happening.

And we have the bumbling Transport Minister Andrew ‘no conscience’ Constance who time after time blames the Opposition for scoring political points  to get the spotlight on on his dumb decisions to save his own seat.

Bring on the election.

Mick Chamberlain, Dapto

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