Letters to the editor September 3 2018

Purry Burry Point jetty at sunset taken on August 20 at Primbee by Hans Haverkamp
Purry Burry Point jetty at sunset taken on August 20 at Primbee by Hans Haverkamp


Now look what those unthinking obstructionist in the Senate who forced the Turnbull/Morrison governments to shelve legislation gifting billions of dollars to the big banks have brought about.

The need for banks to increase the rates on variable loans possibly, just to survive in this world of deregulation driven competition.

Is there any better example of why the LNP was so intent upon ramming through parliament taxpayer assistance for big banks than this evidently forced decision to raise interest rates?  

No doubt that populist politician Bill Shorten will be coming out with statements condemning the Banks but seriously, the signs have been there for years of how tough the banks have been doing it.

They have been forced to reduce the number of tellers in some operations and in others, to close branches entirely.

They have however thoughtfully introduced computer banking and ATM’s outside of what is left of their real estate.

Doing so possibly more in order to encourage those customers over 80, to become familiar with new technology than to improve the Banks “bottom line”.  Yet what do they get in return?

A heartless and non-thinking Senate which has denied the banks collectively, the traditional “Aussie Fair Go!”.

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Having recently moved back to the Gong after living in Shellharbour I have noticed an issue of trying to check surf at South Beach. There are no parks available in all the tiers and nobody on the beach.

I have figured it's workers taking advantage of no fee or time limit.  Good luck to them I guess but kind of sucks if you want to go surfing.

Steve Mancell, Wollongong


Shame on the not only Liberal and  Labour in fighting. We’re  sick of hearing about left and  right faction fighting.

You are elected to represent the Australian voters and you need to fulfill their wishes, not your greedy self-centred agendas. How about thinking of us for a change.

Peter Tornaros, Oak Flats


In response to the page five article by Agron Latifi `NAPLAN tests are flawed’ (Illawarra Mercury, Thursday August 30, 2018), surprise, surprise.

The English curriculum has become an exercise in gender theory and politics. Gender studies are favoured in classrooms while Dickens and Orwell are sidelined.

Students are listening to speeches by radical feminists and other forms of politically correctness and identity propaganda. Meantime, our children cannot string two sentences of their own together.

Students need English lessons to get back to the basics of grammar and structure to their writing. It is outrageous that education has gone missing so the homosexual agenda can be imposed on innocent children.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

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