Warilla man Kerrod Joseph Bennett Southern pleads guilty to bashing fiance after drunken night out

Violent: Kerrod Joseph Bennett Southern.
Violent: Kerrod Joseph Bennett Southern.

A Warilla man who subjected his fiancee to a shocking act of domestic violence after a drunken night out will face court next month for sentencing.

Kerrod Joseph Bennett Southern pleaded guilty to four charges stemming from the August 17 incident, in which he pinned her to the lounge and slammed her head into a wall.

Court documents said Southern and the victim were at a wedding at City Beach Function Centre when they got into an argument just before midnight.

As they left the venue, Southern kicked the victim in the back of the leg, causing her to fall down nine stairs.

You humiliated her and left her to fend for herself. There are a number of violent acts that led to significant injuries to her head.

She then ran down the road trying to get away from Southern.

He chased after her, grabbing her around the waist when he caught her and carrying her back to the venue.

Southern then took the victim’s belongings, got in a taxi and left.

The woman got a lift home with a friend. When she arrived at the house, she found Southern going through her mobile phone.

He berated her about text messages and phone calls she had received from other men before shoving her face-first onto the lounge.

He then pushed his forearm into her neck, pinning her to the lounge.

She eventually managed to free herself and get to her feet, however Southern then threw her into the television, causing the screen to smash.

As she tried to flee up the hallway, Southern pushed her head into the wall, leaving a 4cm gash on her forehead.

The victim locked herself in the bathroom but Southern kicked the door in. The woman was able to run to her car and flee to an ex-boyfriend’s house. From there she was taken to hospital where she received stitches to her head.

Southern was arrested later that morning and charged with assault and property damage offences.

Magistrate Mark Douglass immediately revoked Southern’s bail following his plea of guilty.

“These are very disturbing and alarming facts,” he said, referring to the details of the case contained in a police statement tendered in court.

“You humiliated her and left her to fend for herself. There are a number of violent acts that led to significant injuries to her head.”

Magistrate Douglass ordered a psychiatric report ahead of Southern’s sentencing next month.