Letters to the editor September 5 2018

Father's Day sailing at Wollongong taken on September 1 by Hanks Haverkamp.
Father's Day sailing at Wollongong taken on September 1 by Hanks Haverkamp.


Protection of marine biodiversity is achieved efficiently by setting catch limits and species limits for fishing.

That system is already in place and there is absolutely no need to change a system that is working well and can react promptly if fish numbers decrease.

The concept of a marine park appeals to special interest groups such as the greenies who are driven by ideology and their desire to establish control over society.

It should be the right of every individual in Australia to fish and enjoy all areas of the ocean in our territorial waters.

Lyn Read, Figtree


Hey Wollongong Council. Hold your horses. Someone get the PC Police.

Wollongong Council is currently conducting an opinion-seeking survey about the generation of a master development plan for the City’s Botanic Garden.

It’s not a survey seeking responses that will ultimately be used to market a product or service.

It simply asks a couple of open ended questions merely to gain opinions.

The survey asks intending respondents their age and gender, in fact answering the age question is a condition of eligibility.

Respondents not prepared to give their age must identify the decade in which they were born.

I imagine in designing the survey questionnaire, a method of evaluation was incorporated.

I also imagine that a system of weighting and rating is part of the valuation mechanism.

If not, why are questions of age and gender necessary in this opinion-seeking survey?

Will the value of responses from different age and gender groups be rated and weighted differently in the final wash-up?

If not why does age or gender have any relevance to the overall response to this basic questionnaire?

Richard Burnett, Wollongong


The contribution ‘Surprise, Surprise, Surprise’ from Adrian Devlin (Illawarra Mercury, Monday September 3), was yet another of his warnings to parents about the Marxist/ Homosexual agendas he sees as being inflicted upon their children.

Just how many more of Mr Devlin’s warnings need there be before the parents adopt a Mathew 21:12 mode and cast these radical feminists and their Marxist comrades out of the Temple.

Or, in this instance, out of the education system?

In the absence of of any discernible government action to save our children from the scourge of neo-gender alignment, which Mr. Devlin presumes he has evidence of.

Perhaps the parents of school children might consider the Mathew 21:12 strategy as the way to go?

Should this happen, Mr Devlin with his depth of knowledge about Marxism/Feminism and homosexuality; would make an ideal leader for any “direct action” AKA Mathew 21:12 type assault upon persons suspected of not having opinions which align with his.

Barry Swan, Balgownie