Letters to the editor September 7 2018

Primbee sunset taken on September by Hans Haverkamp
Primbee sunset taken on September by Hans Haverkamp


In response to the  article ‘CFMEU to fight PM's deregistration threat’ (Illawarra Mercury, Tuesday September 4, 2018),  CFMEU Victorian secretary John Setka's dumb decision to use his children to fuel his war against the ABCC has handed Prime Minister Morrison the ammunition to reactivate the Coalition's assault on that union and the union movement in general.

As a father, Mr Setka should be protecting his children from filthy language instead of making them display such language publicly.

A union member unloading some abuse on the ABCC is one thing, but to bring kids into this for manipulation purposes just does not pass the pub test.

A man who uses his children to fight his battles is not much of a man, apart from being a bad look for the union.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


Congratulations to my good "Gong Gangster" friend Scotty Radburn who has landed the prime roll in The Producers at the Entertainment Center at Sutherland - with an amazing cast.

You have continuously displayed your exceptional talents at our Monthly lunches  - and you are in continuous demand.

Proud of you man.

Mick Chamberlain, Dapto


Adam Porter (Illawarra Mercury, September 4, 2018) seems to object to both democracy and freedom of speech.

Yes I am a very proud left supporter and yes I am a very proud green/environmentalist.

Yes I am also a proud ex servicemann and yes I am a proud volunteer firefighter with the Victorian CFA.

Yes I live in Victoria because of both economics and my wife’s health.I believe where I live in Australia should not limit what opinions I hold or where I share them.

As an Australian citizen do you believe I am allowed the freedom to voice those opinions in an Australian newspaper Mr Porter or do you want censorship of ideas and opinions?

Freedom to share ideas and opinions are rights and freedoms so many Australians, including so many of my family, have served to protect.

 I am also sorry you feel the Illawarra is a such parochial area, I see it as being just another great part of our great country.

I guess along with your opposition to freedom you also have a dislike for our country and your home?

If this is correct may I suggest you leave forthwith and do not return unless you find what a great and free country Australia really is?

Doug Steley, Heyfield


We had the great privilege of being at the Southern Stars concert performed by primary and high school students at the WIN Entertainment Centre last weekend.

It was spectacular. It was massive. Many very talented young people.

Performers and those who put it together should be very proud. Congratulations and thanks to all for a great concert.

Greg and Sue, Helensburgh