Alicia Gawronski fronts court accused of assaulting dementia patient Gladys Buchanan

A carer accused of assaulting an 81-year-old dementia patient at Thirroul last Friday has previously been labelled “unstable” by her estranged brother, who took out an apprehended violence order against her following an altercation between the pair earlier this year.

Alicia Gawronski was arrested on Friday evening after police allegedly witnessed her verbally berate Gladys Buchanan and punch her in the leg as she walked the elderly woman from the bathroom to the lounge room inside her Station Street home.

Officers had been called to the home about 10.45pm by concerned neighbours, who reported hearing Gawronski “screaming” at Ms Buchanan.

Police said when they arrived, they heard “moaning, shouting and about 11 slapping noises” coming from inside the home’s bathroom, along with Gawronski verbally abusing Ms Buchanan.

Gawronski, who is Ms Buchanan’s live-in carer and legal guardian, was charged with assault and remanded in custody overnight but granted bail on Saturday.

Gawronski did not enter a plea when she fronted court again on Thursday, with her lawyer seeking an adjournment so he could review the brief of evidence.

He claimed Gawronski and her mother had been “under attack” since she was released on bail and the pair had been the victims of an assault on Wednesday.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart agreed to adjourn the assault case, but refused to delay Gawronski’s sentencing over a separate act of violence relating to her older brother, to which she had already pleaded guilty.

Court documents in that case reveal Gawronski threw a 30cm-long concrete block at the rear windscreen of her brother’s blue Ford Falcon after a fight between the pair on the afternoon of June 2.

The damage – a shattered windscreen and dented boot – was only discovered after Gawronski had left the premises.

Mr Gawronski reported the incident to police, telling officers he feared for his safety around his sister, claiming she was “unstable” and “often made threats” towards him.

Magistrate Stoddart fined Gawronski $500 in court on Thursday and ordered she pay $800 in compensation.

He also put in place a 12-month AVO that prohibits Gawronski from assaulting or harassing her brother or damaging his property.

The assault case involving Ms Buchanan will return to court on September 27. An interim AVO prevents Gawronski from contacting Ms Buchanan.