Who would want to watch the watchers on Gogglebox?

It’s clear I was never going to be any good as a TV executive.

So many times, a new show airs and I think, “jeez, that’s such as stupid idea. As if anyone is going to watch that”.

Sometimes I’m right. Most of the time I’m wrong.

Allow me to save some face and suggest this is simply a regular reminder of the idea that no one has ever gone broke underestimating the taste of the public.

One of the most futile shows one I felt was certain to die a quick and thoroughly deserved death was Gogglebox (WIN, Thursdays, 8.40pm).

A show where we watch people watching TV? How stupid do they think we are?

As if anyone is ever going to watch something like that, I thought.

Yep, I was wrong.

The eighth season kicked off last week. Yes, a show where we look at people watching TV has survived the chop eight times.

Presumably part of the reason it keeps going is that it must be dirt cheap to make – even compared to other reality TV shows.

Other shows at least have expenses relating to set design. Not Gogglebox, they just walk into the families’ houses, set up some cameras and that’s it.

They don’t even have to pay a camera crew to hang around and film the families – it’s all recorded via tiny remote-control cameras pointed at the lounge.

Nor do they have to pay the stars of the show – they just get a little fee to cover the cost of electricity.

So, this show must cost something like $17.50 an episode to make. With expenses that low they’d only need to sell a few ad spots in the breaks to be making a profit.

I’ve watched several episodes of the show over the years and I really don't get it.

I've been known to crack a few jokes while watching TV – some of which are funny.

But, no way would I be so self-indulgent as to think anyone else would be the slightest bit entertained by that.

By and large, the people in Gogglebox aren’t anywhere near as funny or clever as they seem to think they are.

When I’ve watched an episode, I’ve found myself more interested in the shows they’re watching, than the one they’re in.

But obviously I don’t know anything about TV.