Letters to the editor September 12 2018

Clouds rolling in over Belmore Basin by Hans Haverkamp.
Clouds rolling in over Belmore Basin by Hans Haverkamp.


Train movements on the South Coast Line between Hurstville and Sutherland had become so congested that on November 27, 1972, the old, single-access Como Rail Bridge was taken out of service and the new dual track concrete bridge was brought into use.

Today the NSW Government feeds us utter crap about there being no room for any more train movements between Sutherland and Wollongong because of the Coalcliff Tunnel.

We were told that there was no room to expand the single track Coalcliff Tunnel because of land use restrictions.

I may not be the brightest candle in the church, but I do know that the reason given for not expanding the rail tunnel at Coalcliff, the now long abandoned Cokeworks, presents vast amounts of new space to build a new rail tunnel.

Andrew Constance, the Minister for Ignoring Railways, knows full well of land availability at Coalcliff, but has decided to Ignore a remedy for our poor service because of this track congestion.

If we cannot have the Maldon-Dombarton Line, then there is absolutely no reason for not having a new Coalcliff tunnel upgrade.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


I just watched this Dick Smith video and I was flabbergasted at what is happening to our regional/country motels and hotels, and I guess it is happening in the big city hotels as well.

It explains how two big American multinational companies have our country hotels in a choker hold, when it comes to booking fees.

All those online companies (like booking.com, trivago, wotif etc) first pop up on Google when you are looking for accommodation are actually owned and controlled by two big US companies who are taking big profits out of Australia (according to Dick Smith) whilst they have local small businesses struggling to survive, as they control their profit margins and advertising chances.

Country/Regional areas are suffering to survive with the drought, and people are being encouraged to go west and visit small communities to help bolster their local economies, and the action suggested in this video would surely help.

Please watch it, and if you agree with Dick Smith, send it to as many people as you think.

Peter Williams, Wollongong


Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg may be good guys however there are 40 rats in the ranks of the Federal Liberal Party and come next elections.

The Liberals shall be in opposition.

Karl Matuzelis, Bulli

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