Rock'n'Roll coffee table book a major winner for Illawarra’s Rick Caballo in the USA

Recognition: Rick Caballo and Melissa Core-Caballo.
Recognition: Rick Caballo and Melissa Core-Caballo.

A rock n’ roll coffee table book put together by Illawarra born Rick Caballo recently won the IDA International Design Award for best published book

Caballo who lives and works in Nashville as a musician, graphic designer, fashion designer and photographer was recognised for compiling the iconic 40 year career of Tony Brown into print.

Caballo runs Dead Horse Branding with his Wollongong born partner Melissa Core-Caballo.

The two recently got married and not long after their honeymoon received the news and were able to celebrate the success of Elvis, Strait, to Jesus - a pictorial journey through Tony Brown’s unstoppable, award winning career.

Caballo spent two years organising, photographing, designing, and developing the coffee table book.

Elvis, Strait, to Jesus takes readers through the life of one of music’s most successful producers and the impactful relationships he made along the way.

Caballo is no stranger to recognition.

Earlier this year Rick he was awarded Graphic Design USA’s Identity Award for the logo of Steve Tyler’s band The Loving Mary Band.

He is also known for his portraits of artists such as Willie Nelson, Bono, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

Brown said “Rick Caballo is the only person that I would have been comfortable with, in designing and putting my coffee table book project together”.

“This was a labor-intensive project that would not have been completed without him, as he is completely in line with my taste creatively and the only individual I would trust doing a project that represents my life and career! Rick brought the integrity to the project that I’m not sure I could have trusted someone else to deliver. I am fortunate that he was available to give his time and talent to do it.”

Brown said he wanted to honor his life achievements the best way he knew how - surrounded by all of those who guided and inspired him along the way.

His French Renaissance chair is prominently featured through the book as the foundation of his relationships.

Copies of Elvis, Strait, to Jesus can be purchased from all major book retailers

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