Government won’t be keeping unclaimed green slip refunds

The state government does not plan to keep any green slip refunds left unclaimed.

Though the government is definitely expecting some money will be left unclaimed.

Earlier this month, Finance Minister Victor Dominello chose to give people more time to claim their money, given the large amount still outstanding.

The window for claiming the refund was due to end on September 30 but, with $58 million yet to be claimed, it was extended to June 30 next year.

In the Illawarra, there was still $1.5 million waiting for motorists to claim.

With money expected to be left in the kitty come June, the government is considering its options for what to do with it.

It is understood the unclaimed funds will not end up in the government coffers but will be allocated in some capacity to support motorists.

Several options are being considered including having the unclaimed cash returned to motorists through a reduction in the medical services levy, which made up a part of all green slips.

There is a $10 threshold below which motorists cannot claim a refund.

Some of that money is directed to administration of the fund program – as is the controversial $7.87 administration charge

Money under the $10 threshold will also be put in the medical services levy.

Green slip refunds can be made online through Service NSW.