A man has been left in a critical condition after a head-on collision

A NSW Police Forensics on the way to the scene of a serious crash at Mount Keira on Wednesday. Picture: Adam McLean
A NSW Police Forensics on the way to the scene of a serious crash at Mount Keira on Wednesday. Picture: Adam McLean

7am: A motorcyclist remains in a critical condition after a crash at Mount Keira on Wednesday.

A motorcycle and a Volkswagen 4WD collided on Mount Keira Road about 4.45pm.

The rider, a 26-year-old West Wollongong man, was trapped under the 4WD.

He was freed and flown by helicopter to St George Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

The driver of the 4WD, a 18-year-old man, was uninjured. He was taken to Wollongong Hospital for mandatory testing.

8pm: A motorcyclist has been left fighting for his life after colliding head-on with an SUV on Mount Keira Road at Mount Keira, around 4.50pm on Wednesday.

Paramedics understand the bike veered onto the wrong side of the road when coming around a bend and into the path of the other vehicle.

The SUV subsequently ran over both the bike and its rider, leaving the man – believed to be aged around 25 – pinned underneath.

“The bike slipped out the left-hand-side of the car and the rider remained underneath the vehicle,” NSW Ambulance Chief Inspector Terry Morrow said.

Chief Inspector Morrow said the victim suffered extensive head and chest injuries, and praised the “swift” actions of a bystander who put a jack under the SUV to help the man breathe.

NSW Fire and Rescue secured the car and lifted if off the victim. He was unconscious and unresponsive at the scene, and was airlifted to St George Hospital in a critical condition.

The male driver and female passenger of the SUV were not injured but very shaken, Chief Inspector Morrow said.

7.15pm: Mount Keira Road remains closed in both directions between Picton Road and Clive Bissell Drive.

6.35pm: Mount Keira Road remains closed in both directions, between Picton Road and Clive Bissell Drive.

The motorcycle rider is still in a critical condition and is expected to be transported to St George Hospital by helicopter, according to a NSW Police spokesman.

6.15pm: The injured motorcyclist is being prepared to be airlifted to St George Hospital in a critical condition, a NSW Police spokesman said.

It’s understood the driver of the second vehicle was not injured in the crash.

5.50pm: An ambulance helicopter has landed at an archery range at Mount Keira, after a serious crash between a motorcycle and four wheel drive just before 5pm.

The motorbike rider became trapped underneath the other vehicle when the two collided on Mount Keira Road.

The victim is still unconscious.

Mount Keira Road is still closed to traffic between Picton Road and the lookout.

5.40pm: Emergency services have now freed a motorcyclist who was trapped under an SUV, according to a NSW Ambulance spokesman.

The man is now being assessed by paramedics with a helicopter en route to the scene.

5.30pm: A NSW Ambulance spokesman said emergency service crews were working to get the SUV off the motorcycle rider.

He said the man was currently unconscious, while the extent of his injuries won’t be known until he is freed from under the vehicle.

A rescue helicopter is still on standby.

5.25pm: Mount Keira Road is closed southbound (before Picton Road) after an accident involving a motorbike and a four wheel drive.

A NSW Ambulance spokesman said the motorbike rider had been trapped underneath the other vehicle, suffering multiple injuries.

5.15pm: Emergency services are on their way to Mount Keira after reports a motorcyclist was left pinned underneath a four wheel drive after the vehicles collided.

A spokesman for NSW Ambulance said they were called at 4:50pm with reports of the accident on Mount Keira road, around 500 metres away from the junction of Picton Road.

He said paramedics on scene were finding it hard to assess the rider though believed the victim has suffered multiple injuries.

A rescue helicopter is on standby, while Fire and Rescue NSW crews have also been called to free the victim.