Berkeley's Juliet Templeton handed suspended prison sentence for resisting, intimidating police

It was just before 4am on the last Friday in July and the sleep-deprived residents of Burke Way, Berkeley were at their wit’s end.

In a total show of disregard for good neighbourly conduct, one of their own, Juliet Lynn Templeton, was blasting loud music from a set of speakers inside her home and yelling at the top of her lungs.

In an act of desperation, her neighbours contacted the police.

Upon arrival, officers could clearly make out both the music and the yelling as soon as they got out of the car.

They knocked on the front door, but were met with a barrage of bad language from Templeton, who appeared unconcerned her actions had attracted the attention of authorities.

After some toing and froing, Templeton eventually opened the door. Police were hit with a strong wafting smell of alcohol and they immediately noticed Templeton was slurring her words and had bloodshot eyes.

Officers served her with a noise abatement order and readied themselves to leave, however an incessant Templeton followed them back towards their vehicle while continuing to bombard them with verbal abuse.

Her yelling was so loud several residents emerged from their homes to watch the spectacle, police said.

Police placed Templeton under arrest for being drunk in public – a breach of her current bail conditions – prompting Templeton to take a swing at one of the officers.

When it became apparent she wasn’t going to defeat police, Templeton defecated in her pants then began wiping her hands in her faeces.

She was piled into the back of the police paddy wagon where she promptly spent the drive to Lake Illawarra Police Station smearing her poo over the inside of the police truck.

Templeton also used the trip to deliver a series of threats to police.

“I will find you you c—t, I will kill you,” she said in her drunken rage.

Templeton was charged with resisting and intimidating police, to which she pleaded guilty.

She was handed a nine-month suspended jail sentence in court this week.

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