To Blog or not to Blog

What is it with blogging that has everyone going crazy? What's the point in writing reams (or what used to be reams) of text telling people about ... well anything we want? Do we all crave to be authors ... superstars ... teachers ... prophets?Back when my parents were younger, when a loaf of bread wasn't sliced and you could pay for almost anything with coins, you might find someone on a city corner standing on a soap box spouting off about religion or politics or something vaguely interesting. These were the passionate (read crazy) people of the time.These people were listened to by a few, stared at by some, laughed at by many and given a wide berth by most.These days, the soapbox is a blog and everyone from my grandma to the boring guy down the road are blogging.The teenagers are blogging about what time they went to bed, who they may or may not like, and how much they hate their parents. The boring guy down the road is blogging about how he grows his Pelargonium crispum (lemon geraniums).There are even blogs by dogs! Seriously.So, what's the point? Beats me, but I'm doing it now - this is a blog - although I tell my friends I am writing articles for the newspaper - which is kind of like that euphemism you hear about people `assisting police with their investigations'.On the other hand, you could argue that blogging is the equaliser – anyone can blog, and spout forth about anything – it is a terrific way of self expression and in some cases uncovers hidden talents that would otherwise have been missed. Most blogs allow you (the reader) to make comments on what has been written - this too is a great idea as we can tell the blogger what WE think for a change. (I have turned off this feature here as my ego can't handle it)If you would like to have a go at blogging, then you can go to or There are lots of options out there, just Google blogging and you will find them.