Women wanted to eat chocolate for a year

Wanted: women to eat two bars of chocolate daily for a year, all in the name of medical science.Researchers from a British university are on the hunt for 40 sweet-toothed volunteers for possibly the most mouth-watering experiment ever devised.The team from the University of East Anglia are trying to determine whether chocolate can cut the risk of heart disease.

  • North Korean women face pants ban or hard labourMost of the women will be required to eat two bars of "super-strength chocolate specially formulated by Belgian chocolatiers" daily for one year.They will then undergo tests to measure how healthy their hearts are.The remainder of the volunteers will have to eat regular chocolate as a placebo. However there are certain restrictions on the subjects: volunteers should be menopausal but aged under 75, and have type two diabetes. "A successful outcome could be the first step in developing new ways to improve the lives of people at increased risk of heart disease," study coordinator Peter Curtis said.