Men jailed over night rampage on Woonona families

Two men were jailed yesterday over a late-night rampage which terrorised two Woonona families.Corey Brown, 22, of Balgownie, and Mathew Herbert Edmunds, 27, of Bulli, were armed with a piece of twisted metal and a baseball bat during the attacks on six people at two homes.They have been in custody since their arrest on March 15. During their sentencing in Wollongong Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Robert Rabbidge confirmed they would be in jail for at least six months.The court heard both men had issues with alcohol. They had been drinking when they and a female juvenile attacked a man walking in Bulli about 11.30pm on March 14.Brown allegedly punched the man, causing his nose to bleed.The men followed the victim to his Woonona home, where Brown punched the victim's father, who had come outside with the mother.The group then moved to another Woonona home, where they approached three friends sitting on a front verandah. One of the victims knew the men and, fearing for his safety, ran inside, locked the front door and hid under a bed.Edmunds used a baseball bat to bang on the front door before Brown took the bat to the back of the house and attempted to force open the back door, yelling "if you don't come out, we are going to get you one day".Edmunds punched one of the friends and Brown turned off the electricity supply.The group returned to the first home, where Brown forced in the front screen door and yelled out, "I'm going to smash up this house", while Edmunds used the baseball bat to smash the victim's mother's car.Police arrived at the scene while the offences were still being committed and were forced to strike Edmunds several times with a police baton before he dropped the baseball bat and could be arrested. Brown pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company, destroying property, entering a building with intent to commit a crime and two charges of affray.He was sentenced to an additional 10 months' parole.Edmunds pleaded guilty to common assault, destroying property and two counts of being armed with intent to commit a crime. He received an additional six months' parole.The men are eligible for release on September 14.