Five websites you should really bookmark now

There is so much great stuff on the web but it often takes too long to find or you have to wait for one of your friends with too much time on their hands to find it.Here are a list of 5 randomly picked sites that I think are pretty cool.

  • Ever had 'dish envy' from a 'one upper' who is 'mascary'? Not sure – check this site out – it's a bit American (isn't everything?) but you can add in your own as well.
  • This one is a little specialised – for those people who have a name. It has the 'namefinder' which does the obvious, 'namipedia' to tell you all about your name, the ‘name voyager’ to show you graphically about the popularity of your name (in the US of course) over time and 'name mapper' to show you geographically where your chosen names are from / located. Definitely a fun one for the expecting parents.
  • This one of course is not new, but I love the occasional foray into Dilbert land. If you are a Dilbert fan, this site has it all.
  • Pretty soon, you and I will be saying to our grandkids 'I remember when we had FM radio ....oh, those were the days'. Last FM is an online music site that allows you to listen to artists, songs and albums that you like. One of the best features is that you can type in an artist and then it will forever (or until you stop it) play a song by that artist and other similar types of artists – a great way to expand your musical taste (sort of).
  • If you have had a bad day at work and want to let off some steam, then this may be the site for you. Write a blurb on your boss and make yourself feel better. But beware, others can rate your experience and you may find that people tell you to ‘get over it’.