NDIS COVID-19 response

Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, recently announced the first stages of a post-coronavirus NDIS, following a review of temporary measures to support participants and disability providers during the pandemic.

As community restrictions have eased and Australia moves to a COVIDSafe environment, the NDIS will move to a post-pandemic phase from July 1 that includes the conclusion of some of the temporary measures.

On recommendation from the review, the following will apply:

  • Removal of temporary 10 per cent price loading on certain core and capacity building supports
  • Definition of cancellation period is reduced from 10 days to levels under the previous policy
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) period will be returned to the original policy of 90 days (rolled back from 180 days)

Recovery of the advance payment to providers will commence on October 1, 2020, via six equal monthly installments, so providers can plan well ahead their return to usual services.

Participant focused coronavirus response measures, including offering alternatives for face-to-face planning meetings, plan extensions for up to 24 months following review and flexible use of funds to purchase low cost assistive technology, will remain in place until further reviews are completed.

It is important to note the government will continue to monitor conditions in the sector and make adjustments that may be required.

Minister Robert said, "Since the announcement of these initiatives on March 21, almost $600 million in one-month advance payments was paid to almost 5000 providers to offer immediate cash flow relief and keep participant services going.

"At the height of the pandemic, close to $300 million was claimed in average weekly provider payments.

"With NDIS provider claiming patterns showing most supports have returned to pre-coronavirus levels, we are moving to the next phase of the response.

The Government previously announced financial support measures for eligible businesses and sole traders affected by the coronavirus pandemic, such as JobKeeper.