Classes learning together

Educ Wk: Classes learning together

To celebrate Education Week, the students at Farmborough Road Public Schoolwill be participating in a variety of peer class activities on Monday, August 3.

"This year will be very different to most years, as we are unable to welcome our families into classrooms and the school in person," principal Michelle Wells said.

"We hope this changes in the near future. However our staff are always finding creative ways to adapt to the challenges that school life brings.

"Each class will buddy with another class and engage in 'Learning Together'. We will then share this learning with our families through our online platforms in the form of a video."

On Tuesday the school will be celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day.

"All of our students will be immersed in Indigenous cultural activities on this day with the support of our local Indigenous community," Michelle said. "This day is just one of our many initiatives that highlights and promotes the importance of Aboriginal education at Farmborough Road PS."

Regarding the pandemic, the teachers and support staff are incredibly dedicated to our students and their learning.

During online learning, not only did they have to plan and present lessons, provide ongoing feedback and keep up an amazing level of communication with parents and carers, but they also had to learn a whole new way of teaching.

Many hours of their own time was spent exploring new ways to be able to maintain a high standard of education for students, without being in front of them.

"Our school was one of the first to set up daily Zoom meetings for each class, to enable students and their teacher to still feel connected," she said. "During these daily meetings, teachers read to their class, explained new learning concepts and checked in on their wellbeing.

"I was even able to pop into 'classrooms' as I would normally do, to see how everyone was going.

"We ended the term with a Zoom Easter Hat parade where over 100 students displayed their unique creations. This was an exciting way to include our whole school community."

This term they have continued holding whole school Zoom assemblies. Their school leaders prepare and run these assemblies, using outstanding problem solving skills to ensure all aspects of the assembly are included.

"I am extremely proud of our staff and how they supported our students, each other and our community during this challenging time," Michelle added. "I do believe that we have built much stronger and more productive relationships with our families and community and this is very exciting for moving forward.

"Our students have developed and shown incredible resilience with the required changes to the school organisation this year.

"Students have learned a myriad of new skills in the area of technology, becoming very independent and expert at using the different online platforms of learning. They have also developed their problem solving skills as together we find new ways of doing things.

"We are very much looking forward to utilising the new skills we have developed this year, to develop further strategies in providing an education that engages and challenges each and every one of our students."

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