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Footy great takes on new challenge, growing back his hair!

Footy great takes on new challenge, growing back his hair!

Story in partnership with MOSH.

There comes a time in every man's life when he realises he's getting older. For some it's moments of great wisdom; for others it's a milestone like the birth of a child; or the tragedy of the loss of a parent.

Sometimes, it's being confronted by situations that require more strength and courage than you knew were capable of. The ones that require you to step up and be the man those who depend on you need you to be.

Then there's those other moments. You know the ones. Where you pull on your favourite t-shirt and think: did someone throw this in the dryer? It seems like it has shrunk.

Or when you wear out too easily after seemingly mild work outs and start getting those two or three day hangovers.

Then of course, there's that other dreaded moment, the one when look in the mirror or see a photograph of yourself and think: Holy shit! What happened to my hair?

You always knew this day would come eventually but not so soon! And when it did come you thought you'd look cool and tough, like Jason Statham, not like Patches O'Houlihan!

You could shave it, you think, but what will your head actually look like without any hair at all? You don't want to look like a thumb with thumbs do you?

For the vast majority of men this day has either already come or will come very soon. As many as 85 per cent of all men will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

CHAMPION: Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes says he is looking forward to feeling less self-conscious about his hair loss.

Few know this better than Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes, who is currently undergoing treatment with the help of men's online health platform, MOSH.

Part owned by a fellow footballer, Melbourne Storm legend Billy Slater, Aussie blokes an easy and affordable way to treat hair loss 100% online. Mosh provides access to an array of experts who can develop a personalised clinical treatment plan to meet their needs.

When we caught up with Cornes recently, he was about a week into his treatment and had nothing but praise for the service.

The former midfielder turned TV personality has long had a complex about his hair loss. In fact, he first noticed the problem a decade ago.

"There was a picture in the paper that was taken from behind after I kicked a goal and I noticed it was thinning on top," he explained.

"My dad and brother had both lost their hair so I was always realistic that it would happen to me too."

Over the years he had casual conversations with his wife about the issue but never sought treatment. However, when he started seeing ads for MOSH everywhere he decided to do something about it.

"As I'm regularly on TV I thought it would be much better for me if I was able to maintain my hair so that's what prompted the action," Cornes said.

"I had noticed the MOSH advertising for some time and heard it gets great results. So, I investigated it further," he continued.

"I was impressed by how easy and convenient it was to sign up. Everything was done 100% online so there was no awkward and time consuming visits to the clinics or the chemist. MOSH really suits people with a busy lifestyle or those who want to be discreet about seeking treamtment.

"I'm all signed up now and about one week into my treatment. It was super easy and convenient to communicate with the online doctor and from the time I ordered to delivery was only about three days."

VIEW FROM THE TOP: Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes shows off his problem patch.

His daily treatment routine takes less than a minute and he says he is looking forward to being less self-conscious about his hair.

Unlike many hair services, MOSH isn't trying to sell a one-size fits all solution. They take a holistic approach, recommending appropriate treatments for each patient to achieve the best possible results.

The treatments on offer include everything from topical solutions or tablets through to medical, natural, and shampoos. Prescription treatments require an online visit with a doctor, while non-prescription treatments can be purchased directly.

MOSH also has a Lifetime Service Promise; no lock in contracts; easy payment; and free delivery.

Cornes said he hoped sharing his story would help to destigmatise what is a very common problem that many men experience.

He also had some words of advice for other men experiencing hair loss:

"There are options out there to help, particularly if you don't leave it until the hair is completely gone," he said.

"The process is easy, affordable and not one bit time consuming."

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Story in partnership with MOSH.