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Helping patients with dementia retain confidence, control and independence

After joining the Perx program, William, pictured right, says he's been able to confidently manage his daily tasks and find encouragement to stick to his routine.

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For the 470,000+ Australians estimated to be living with dementia, retaining control and independence over their daily routine can be a challenge as their condition progresses.

Whether living alone or being supported by family and carers, remembering to complete each daily health task can feel like an ongoing burden.

With more older Australians (85 per cent) actively using technology and the internet on a day basis, a new mobile app (funded by the Department of Health and supported by project partner Dementia Australia) is helping patients living with dementia to streamline the management of their condition.

The Perx app helps users set reminders for medications, exercise and other daily tasks and then rewards them for completing these tasks.

And the program is already having a profound impact on the lives of Australians living with dementia.

Helping patients stay motivated and on-track

In 2019, William was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer's disease and dementia (a condition on the rise in Australia).

After establishing a routine to manage his condition, William struggled to remember all the tasks on his to-do list, keep track of what he'd completed and find the motivation to stick to his treatment plan.

"Quite simply, in terms of my memory, I was regularly forgetting to complete a range of tasks each day," tells William.

After joining the Perx program, William reveals he's been able to confidently manage his daily tasks and find encouragement to stick to his routine.

"This is particularly evident in the STREAKS part of the Perx app, where it records how many consecutive days that you have accomplished each component of your daily schedule.

"As of 28 July 2021, my streak is 471 days," shares William.

While there isn't a cure for the disease, William shares that this program has helped him find direction and purpose in managing his condition.

"The Perx app has, and will continue to play, a very important part in the journey that I have undertaken to manage this disease, and hopefully one day, beat this disease."

Enabling independent living for Australians with dementia

As one of the 65,000 Australians living alone with dementia, Bobby was well versed in using technology to support her dementia treatment plan.

Since joining the Perx program, she's received an added level of accountability to help her meet her meditation and step goals.

And the program helps patients stay motivated with incentives (such as gift vouchers) earned simply for completing their health tasks each day.

Like many people living with dementia, Bobby, pictured here, wants to retain her independence while also safeguarding her wellbeing.

"When I see I am close to my goal, it [the Perx app] pushes me to do just a bit extra to achieve the goal.

"I also appreciate the intermittent rewards, they always feel like a bit of a bonus," Bobby said.

Like many people living with dementia, Bobby wants to retain her independence while also safeguarding her wellbeing.

The Perx program gives patients the ability to keep their care team up-to-date with a clear record of completed tasks able to be accessed in real-time via the Carer Portal.

"I live alone and use everything I can to remain independent," tells Bobby.

"Perx is equally important for those people who live with a care partner, as it is too easy to build up a dependency on others in the household to remind us to do things, which not only puts additional pressure on the care partner, but also reduces the need for those of us with dementia to think for ourselves."

The Perx Health app is currently available for free to all Australians managing dementia and their carers.

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