Nat Recycling Week 2021: It's good for the planet

Recycling scrap metals: This helps feed into low carbon-steel production and supply to local infrastructure, building and construction. Photo: Supplied
Recycling scrap metals: This helps feed into low carbon-steel production and supply to local infrastructure, building and construction. Photo: Supplied

Recycling and upcycling the growing amount of scrap steel and metal in Australia makes both good environment and business sense.

By recycling our scrap metal we significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill and reduce the use of natural resources that would be needed to make primary steel via the traditional blast furnace method, requiring iron ore and coking coal.

"It's also helping to grow our circular economy, as steel is infinitely recyclable and in our case is processed through our recycling facilities and used as feedstock in our Electric Arc Furnaces in Sydney and Melbourne to make new steel," InfraBuild Recycling's general manager Australia Chris Morgan said.

InfraBuild is Australia's only fully vertically-integrated Electric Arc Furnace steel manufacturer, spanning scrap metal recycling, steel manufacturing and downstream distribution.

"We are Australia's largest processor and distributor of steel long products including reinforcing bar, reinforcing mesh, tubular and hollow sections, merchant bar and wire products," he said. "We provide an unmatched competitive advantage to our customers and partners in the building, construction, rural and mining sectors."


InfraBuild's work in the sustainability space is industry-recognised, and their recycling services and capabilities are second to none.

"We offer many different services across all industries, from a scrap bin service to mine site, property and farm clean-ups, car collections and of course we have our recycling yards where the public are welcome," Mr Morgan said.

"On the east coast of Australia, we run a mobile fleet of 14 balers and excavators to service wrecking yards, other scrap metal dealers and waste companies.

"We have a national footprint across Australia, with 21 InfraBuild recycling facilities that are supplemented by five sites in regional NSW that operate as Matthews Metal Management, a brand of InfraBuild.

"Together the 26 sites contribute around 1.4 million tonnes of recycled metals annually into our steelmaking operations.

"Being an industry leader in the supply of processed ferrous scrap (steel) products to our domestic steel mills in Sydney and Melbourne, by using InfraBuild's recycling facilities to dispose of your scrap metals, you are - in a way - doing your bit to contribute to Australian-made steel.

"Plus we also have an extensive non-ferrous business that supplies both domestic and international markets with high quality products for recycling."


Continuous improvement is part of the InfraBuild's DNA. They aim to constantly try to find ways of doing business better and more efficiently with their view always on the customer - it's how they've done business over the past 100 plus years.

Carbon footprint

"We've been on the journey towards decarbonised steel for some time," he said. "We use GREENSTEEL™ manufacturing processes, that includes recycling of scrap steel, to produce steel that has lower carbon emissions.

"We continue to look at ways to lower our carbon footprint further including the role of renewable energy in our operations."

According to the World Steel Association, recycling one tonne of steel scrap saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon, 1.4 tonnes of iron ore, 740kgs of coals and 120kgs of limestone.


Our steel supplies local infrastructure, building and construction sectors will become increasingly important as we emerge from COVID-19 and the government looks to infrastructure projects to get the economy firing again and get people back into jobs.

InfraBuild offers a range of scrap metal solutions that cater to small and big businesses plus mums and dads.

"As we emerge from the latest round of COVID lockdowns and business ramps up, it's likely there will be some late spring cleaning going on," he said.

"If you have an old stove, washing machines, lead batteries, copper, aluminium or brass, we'll take it - drop into one of our recycling facilities or if you are a business and need a bin service or a site clean-up, give us a call."

If you're doing a clean up, dispose of your scrap metal responsibly and get in touch with one of their recycling facilities or call 13 METAL.

InfraBuild is building futures through sustainable steel. To find out more about the company and what they do visit the website by going to