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Wednesday, 29 November 2023

The ultimate guide to home beauty treatments

Whether you want glowing skin, perfect nails or shiny hair, there is an at-home beauty treatment that will work for you. Picture supplied
Whether you want glowing skin, perfect nails or shiny hair, there is an at-home beauty treatment that will work for you. Picture supplied

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With the rising cost of living forcing us to cut some non-essentials from our budgets, increasing numbers of people are skipping their trips to the salon and turning to at-home beauty treatments.

If living through a pandemic taught us anything, it's that almost anything can be done at home and often better and cheaper than it can be done elsewhere. If we can work and attend weddings from home, why not perform beauty treatments at home too?

Home beauty treatments aren't just a cost-saving initiative, they're a fun way to pass the time, the perfect form of self-care, and they can give you a confidence boost. At-home beauty treatments are a cost-effective hobby that comes with the added bonus of improving the way you feel about yourself.

Whether you want glowing skin, perfect nails or shiny hair, there is an at-home beauty treatment that will work for you.

You don't have to leave your home for salon-quality pampering. You can create your own mini salon from home with some supplies you probably already have. The first step to the ultimate self-care sesh is to make sure you're prepared. So clean your makeup brushes, organise the beauty products you need, slip into something comfy, put on your favourite music, and get pampering!

Go from hair to bare

All you need to wax your body hair from home is a wax pot or wax heater and some of your favourite wax. Research the best wax pots in Australia to find the perfect combination and prepare for soft, smooth skin. Make sure you exfoliate before and after DIY waxing to minimise the chances of ingrown hairs.

Treat your nails

An at-home manicure or pedicure is a great way to let your creative juices flow. Whether you prefer a solid-coloured nail or you like to go all-out with designs and stickers, you can achieve perfect nails for a fraction of the cost that comes with going to a professional.

Create your own scrubs and masks

It is relatively simple to create your own body scrub, lip scrub, hair mask or face mask with ingredients you may already have. Using some sugar and coconut oil plus a few extras, you can make a lip scrub that smells divine, and tastes divine too!

Give your hair some TLC

Your hair does a lot for you, including protecting your delicate scalp from injuries and sun damage. Return the favour by giving your hair a treat. A simple hair mask or scalp massage can make your hair longer, stronger, shinier and healthier. This may also be a great time to test out some heatless methods of hair styling. Your hair will thank you for taking a break from heat tools and tight hairstyles.

Try out some self tan

Want that bronze glow without the damage of UV or sunbeds? Try out fake tanning from home with tanning water or tanning lotion. There are options for mild tans, dark tans and even gradual tans for a more natural look.

Indulge in a face mask

Whether you have specific concerns for your skin or just want refreshingly bright skin, there is a face mask out there for you. Sheet masks, clay masks, bubble masks and more. There are masks to address just about every skin concern and they leave your skin smelling divine and feeling amazing.

Take a soak with a bath bomb

What could possibly be better than relaxing in a warm bath with a book? The only thing that could possibly improve this experience is a bath bomb! Bath bombs are available in a number of scents, shapes and types and can even be made at home. Toss one in the water and enhance your bath.

Experiment with makeup

Experimenting and perfecting new styles of makeup is a great way to pass the time and, as a bonus, you might discover a look that makes you feel great. Whether you want to copy from an online tutorial or simply use your creative freedom, improving your makeup skills is a hobby that might save your future self a lot of money on paying others to do your makeup for events.

Massage your face

When we think of massages, we tend to think of body massages, but did you know your face can benefit from a massage as well? Using a roller can help with lymphatic drainage, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also releases muscle tension and stress, just like any other form of massage.

Try something new and exciting

Self-care and beauty treatments aren't just about improving your appearance, they're about boosting confidence, letting your creativity flow, and showing love to your body and mind. Sometimes what we need is to let ourselves be silly, freaky and free. Dye your hair that shocking colour you've always secretly wanted. Practice some special effects makeup. Self care isn't all about convention. You can make your self-care time fun and unique.

Give yourself a facial steam

Steaming your face has a lot of benefits for your skin, and the good news is, you don't need to purchase a facial steamer. You can steam your face at home by filling a bowl or tub with steaming hot water and draping a towel over your head, allowing the steam to seep into your skin. Just remember to be safe and avoid steam burns or spilling the hot water.

Whiten your teeth

Brushing and flossing is great, but if you want to give your teeth something a little extra, you can whiten them at home with some whitening strips. The best part is that this requires very little work as he whitening strips do it all for you while you read, watch TV or do housework.

Pluck your brows

You don't always have to pay to have your eyebrows done by a professional. You can pluck them quite easily at home, applying baby teething gel to the area first to numb the skin slightly. Tip: wipe the skin with witch hazel afterwards to soothe, clean, and prevent ingrown hairs. Aloe vera or ice also work wonderfully for soothing red skin.

Try meditating

Meditating isn't necessarily a beauty treatment, but it can contribute to the way you look and feel inside and out. It's also an excellent form of self care and the perfect beginning, or end, to a pamper day.