Members chip in at Jamberoo Golf Club

The 500 members of the Jamberoo Golf Club are a resilient bunch, surviving floods and a tornado in the past three years alone.

They have also proved to be resourceful, with the members pitching in to extend the clubhouse, with the new office and golfer’s lounge area officially opened on Sunday.

Club director Sue Paul said if the club could survive floods and a tornado it could survive anything, but concerns over the viability of the neighbouring Jamberoo Bowling Club did play a role in the golf club’s decision to extend the clubhouse.

‘‘The extension is estimated to be worth $70,000, but the club paid $24,000 thanks to having professional electricians, plasterers, plumbers, builders and painters amongst the circle of members to volunteer their time,’’ Ms Paul said.

In the March 2011 floods, the golf course suffered significant damage when the trickling Minnamurra River turned into a torrent, bursting its banks and spreading debris across the course as 136.4millimetres fell on Jamberoo in less than six hours.

At the start of this year the course was just back to its picturesque best when the unthinkable happened and a tornado swept through the northern section.

The tornado uprooted 67 trees, some more than 100 years old, and many of the trees that remained standing were stripped bare.

The 12th fairway was completely covered in debris and members and volunteers spent three weeks cleaning up.

Today, despite some interesting looking regrowth on trees lining the fairway, a few remaining stockpiles of broken limbs, and some ‘‘stump hazards’’, the golf course is back to its best.

The official opening of the extension on Sunday came as the contractors this week began hooking up the NBN to the clubhouse.

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