Vandal attack final straw for Gerroa mum

A Gerroa resident is calling for licensees to take responsible service of alcohol more seriously after a drunk "body slammed" into her metal fence, destroying part of it and terrifying her one-year-old son.

Peregrine Halyday has lived on Headland Drive, Gerroa, for four years, and has endured drunks from nearby Gerroa Boat Fisherman's Club behaving badly on and around her property.

She has sprung amorous couples having sex, young revellers curling up to sleep in the front lawn, and the occasional man urinating on her fence.

But Saturday night was the first time anyone had actually tried to smash through the metal structure.

"It looked like an elephant had sat on it," Ms Halyday said.

She said she was asleep in her son's nursery when she heard an "almighty bang", followed by the sounds of laughter and people running away.

"In the morning I saw the destruction ... a whole panel of fabricated steel fence smashed in," Ms Halyday said.

"It wasn't just a one-off drunken bang against the fence - they were intent on damaging property."

Fed up with the drunken behaviour she says happens every summer, Ms Halyday approached management of the Fisherman's Club on Sunday, asking for more to be done to improve the behaviour of drunk revellers leaving at night.

She said she was "brushed off" by the manager.

"I want people to be aware the Fisherman's Club are not being accountable for patrons' behaviour," Ms Halyday said.

"I want measures put in place, a bouncer on the door, CCTV footage and signage so people know when you're leaving the area ... people live here."

Gerroa Boat Fisherman's Club chief executive officer Peter Grogan denied Ms Halyday had been brushed off, and said the manager told her to return to the club at 8.30 on Monday morning to meet with Mr Grogan.

He said he would be happy to meet with Ms Halyday, and defended the club's enforcement of RSA (responsible service of alcohol).

Ms Halyday said she would be happy to meet Mr Grogan at a convenient time. "It would have to be around my time because I have a young child," she said.

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