Police target driver fatigue in festive blitz

A 21-year-old man has had his licence suspended after he was detected riding a motorbike at 160km/h on a notorious stretch of the Illawarra Highway near Macquarie Pass on Saturday.

The incident was one of many that have left Illawarra police "disappointed" as they ramp up attempts to clamp down on stupid driving behaviour during the Christmas period, as part of Operation Safe Arrival.

As well as having his licence suspended on the spot, the motorcyclist received a fine of $2000.

Illawarra traffic officers have also detected a number of people drink-driving in the first three days of the operation, including a 55-year-old woman who allegedly blew a high-range reading of 0.157 when she was stopped on the Princes Highway at Figtree at 12.15am on Saturday.

Lake Illawarra highway patrol officer Sergeant Nicholas Park said policing efforts would be stepped up following the poor start to the holidays. In particular, police would be targeting driver fatigue.

"We again stress upon motorists how important it is they ... plan their trips, they don't leave [planning] to the last minute and take as many breaks as possible to make sure they're not fatigued," Sgt Park said.

Other incidents recorded around the region in the first few days of Operation Safe Arrival included a 33-year-old woman who was stopped by police in Kalandar Street at Nowra about 12.50am yesterday and allegedly blew a blood-alcohol reading of 0.074.

Police will allege they also found a five-month-old child travelling unrestrained inside the vehicle.

Meantime, a 19-year-old male P-plater lost 14 demerit points after being caught speeding at Cringila on Sunday afternoon.

The man was recorded travelling at 104km/h in an 80km/h zone on Five Islands Road.

Sgt Park said it was important for motorists to also be aware of trouble bottlenecks around the region as holiday traffic increased.

Key areas of concern for police included the Princes Highway at Albion Park Rail and Kiama Bends, where traffic traditionally banked up during holidays.

Sgt Park said the days this was likely to be at its worst were Boxing Day and Friday, December 27 as the holidays came to an end.

"It's really important people are patient, don't rush; they just need to understand traffic is heavy and to drive to the conditions," he said.

"I also want to stress weather can play a factor and people need to make sure when there's wet weather, they adjust their driving as well."

Yesterday, the state's road toll stood at three.

Double demerits will remain in place until Wednesday, January 1.

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