New Year's resolutions for Illawarra pollies

Spending more time with family, being a better local member, and even shedding a few excess kilos have topped the list of New Year's resolutions Illawarra politicians have made this year.

Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay said she planned getting better at the tricky business of managing time between family and politics.

"Mine is, as always, to try and live a better life and be closer to my family," she said.

"I intend to be a strong voice for the electorate of Wollongong and hold the O'Farrell government to account."

Meantime, Member for Kiama Gareth Ward looked to his party leader's recent weight-loss success as inspiration.

"If the premier of NSW can do it, then so can I," Mr Ward said, referring to his goal of losing 15 kilograms.

However, Mr Ward said his main goal for the year was to "continue to work even harder".

Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson also listed better time management as a goal for 2014.

"Mine would have to be to live a happy and healthy life," she said.

"If I would make any changes in my personal life, it would be to make sure my time is prioritised, that I get that work-life balance and the family balance right.

"I think it's really important because everyone is so busy now ... it's very hard to do."

Kiama Municipal Council Mayor Brian Petschler took a more thankful approach to his New Year's resolution.

"At my age, I don't have many vices," he said. "I'm very thankful for what I've got and what I've had and I hope we can continue that through 2014.

"I want to have a year in which our council operates effectively."

Shellharbour City Council Mayor Marianne Saliba's resolution was to be less of a "worrier".

"Mine is ... not to worry about things I can't change," she said.

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