Slices of the stack in special cake

Port Kembla's Tonitto Cakes has marked the PKC stack demolition in its own unique way - with a sweet creation baked especially for the occasion.

Cake shop owner Laurence Tonitto decided to show the aftermath of the demolition with his stack-shaped mud cake broken up into three pieces.

"It's symbolic of what's going to happen, which is a bit sad, but Port Kembla needs to move on now," he said.

"It could be the boom the area needs ... the first step towards the rebirth of Port Kembla."

FALL OF AN ICON: A map of where to watch the stack fall

Mr Tonitto grew up in Port Kembla, helping to run the family-owned cake shop.

Now he has spent close to $100,000 refurbishing the Wentworth Street shop, turning it into a cafe.

"Back in the day when Port Kembla Copper was operating, there was a lot of pollution in the area and no-one would have thought to grab a coffee and sit outside in the pollution," he said.

"We never used to sell coffee."

He hoped more jobs would now come.

"Port Kembla could become like Newtown, with a strong cafe and restaurant culture," he said.

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