Wollongong preschoolers reveal career ambitions

Doctors, chefs, policemen, teachers, fairies and superheroes invaded Wollongong City Community Preschool on Friday for national "I Want 2 Be" Day.

Dressing up in costumes of their desired careers, the preschoolers decorated cupcakes to sell to parents to raise funds for the Kids' Cancer Project.

Aziz Mannaa, 3, dressed up in a yellow construction outfit, complete with hammer and hat, while Sumo Phan, 3, played teacher by wearing black pants and a vest.

In Vietnamese culture, teachers were expected to dress in formal attire, hence Sumo's suit, a childcare worker said.

Classmate Jazia Youseef, 4, wore a doctor's outfit with a plastic stethoscope around her neck because she "wanted to get people better".

Donning a policeman's uniform with a shield and hat, Omar Alakkas, 3, said he wanted to save everybody one day.

"I make everyone follow the rules," he said.

Louis Llanto, 3, who took the cake with his chef's outfit, said he wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps.

"Dad is a chef but I want to make pizzas," he said.

"I want to be a cooker."

Wollongong preschoolers dressed up for ‘‘I Want 2 Be’’ Day to support the Kid’s Cancer Project.
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