PHOTOS: Unanderra firm gets designer revamp

Installations made from industrial objects, arranged against a bold colour palette of red, black and white.

It looks like an exhibition from the Guggenheim Museum, but it's closer to home.

These images of contemporary and minimalist design were taken in the foyer of Leussink Engineering at Unanderra.

They are part of a head office revamp of the family-owned company which has been in business for the past 35 years.

Leussink director Jason Leussink said Wollongong interior designer Evelyn Schuster of ES Interiors was engaged to create a vibrant appealing look which also showcased the company's manufacturing expertise.

'We are an innovative company that reaches into all corners of the globe so it matches our corporate image.'

"We looked at the office and thought it needed a bit of freshening up, so we consulted a designer [Ms Schuster] who we handed a brief to make the place look somewhat arty, but not lose the connection between the new look and manufacturing," Mr Leussink said.

Mr Leussink said Ms Schuster visited the workplace and found manufactured parts and components which could be used as design features.

"She walked through our factory and had a look at things that would look good in our new foyer entry area," he said.

"Basically things that we thought we would throw out as scrap she decided would be hung on a wall as a decorative feature to show people who walked in here what we were about."

Mr Leussink said the new look was outstanding, attracting constant positive remarks from visitors.

"We are very pleased with the outcome as it worked our corporate colours in quite skilfully and all types of parts and components that we had from research and development and testing became showpieces in decorative artwork around the entire office," he said.

"Frequent visitors have been quite taken aback with the open look at the entrance, the new boardroom, and the industrial pieces used as minimalist-style decorations all throughout the foyer, the staircase and the communal area upstairs.

"The consensus among management, staff and visitors is that the new look achieved exactly what it was meant to do: give the office a modern, funky look that is quite different from mainstream industrial offices, while showcasing the company work."

Mr Leussink said he loved the colour scheme Ms Schuster chose.

"The bold colours represent what we are about," he said. "We are an innovative company that reaches into all corners of the globe so it matches our corporate image."

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