Couple's plan to beat love lock ban

One enterprising couple took an inventive approach to avoiding this week's love lock removal on Sea Cliff Bridge.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) started removing the love locks yesterday, after saying last month that they were corroding and rusting the bridge and causing maintenance problems.

But one couple, known only as "GT" and "VT" obviously hoped to escape the love lock lopping by going with a more bridge-friendly option.

The couple used plastic zip-locks to attach a plastic card declaring their love.

"We were locked in love and now we are 'zip tied in love'," the card read.

"And to keep the authorities happy we've gone plastic. The fence won't rust nor will our love."

RMS southern regional manager Brad Turner said he had seen the plastic lock and "thought that was a bit creative".

By late yesterday the plastic lock had been spared - just as GT and VT had intended.

Mr Turner said the RMS had taken a sympathetic approach to the removal of the locks and put away the bolt cutters.

"It would have been a lot easier and a lot faster to do that but we actually went to some locksmiths," Mr Turner said.

"They've got some tools of the trade, which allows them to take the locks off and keep them operational.

"I don't think the symbolism is terribly great of cutting locks off when they're there for such sentimental purposes.

"So we went the extra mile and got these guys in and I think that was really successful.

"They've been able to open the vast majority, if not all of the locks, so when people do come to collect them they'll be still in a not dissimilar condition to the keepsake they put there in the first place."

Mr Turner said RMS was investigating the possibility of creating a purpose-built structure for the padlocks. The public has been invited to email their suggestions for the structure and location to

"We're pretty much open to suggestions," Mr Turner said.

"It's not something we want to dictate as much as say 'what would people like?' From what I've heard people are a little bit interested in something close to the lighthouse."

The locks removed from the bridge will be available for collection from the RMS works centre at 21 York Place, Russell Vale, from September 24 until October 31.

The locks have all been logged with details of where on the bridge they were located, to assist their owners in finding them.

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